Release note for the new GTFS

STM GTFS feed data model changes for planned schedules

New and updated content

  • Calendat.txt file added to GTFS feed as per GTFS specification
  • Updated service_id content
  • Updated trip_id content
  • Updated stop_id content

New features:

Weekday service on certain days

Some bus trips may be planned on certain weekdays but not every weekdays.  For instance, we add a number of trips on Friday nights only.  Previous GTFS feed did not support service on specific weekdays.  New GTFS feed does now support this service. 

Updates during schedule period

STM updates the service schedule five times a year.  For each update, a new GTFS feed is published.  If STM has to update the service between the start and the end of the period, an intermediate GTFS feed has to be published.  The new GTFS feed will now include updates during the period based on calendar dates. 

Compatibility with STM real-time GTFS service

Trips and stops identifiers are updated in order to properly link “scheduled” GTFS feed and “real-time” GTFS feed. 

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