10 Billion Rides

The Montréal métro has chalked up over 10 billion passenger rides since it opened in 1966. That’s more than the world population!

On April 25, 2018, the STM celebrated no less than 10 billion rides in the Métro. Since 1966, you have trusted us for your trips, so THANK YOU!

BRAVO for this collective achievement!

Let’s travel back in time : Here are a few pictures of the ’60s and ’70s taken in the métro.

Clientèle dans le métro vers 1966

With 260 million passenger rides in 2017, the Montréal métro is number three in North America in terms of ridership, after New York and Mexico City.

Clientèle dans un escalier mobile vers 1966

The station with the most passenger boardings since the métro opened is McGill, with 550 million. No, it’s not Berri-UQAM, with 498 million boardings!

Clientèle aux tourniquets du métro vers 1966


During rush hours, 80 métro trains are in simultaneous service on our four lines. With a capacity of approximately 1,000 riders per train, that’s equivalent to over 150 Boeing 747s travelling beneath people’s feet in Montréal!

Clientèle à la sortie de la station Île-Ste-Hélène vers 1970

To enable hundreds of thousands of riders to use the métro each day, a veritable army of 2,450 employees are busy in the trains, stations, tunnels, offices and shops.

Pictures: STM archives and City of Montréal archives

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