Instructions for loading bicycles onto racks

Bike racks on buses

From April 15 to November 15, the STM encourages you to add biking to your transportation cocktail by making use of the bike racks on the following bus lines:

Loading your bicycle onto the rack

When the bus arrives, inform the driver that you want to use the bicycle rack. If someone else wants to remove their bike from the rack, wait for them to finish before loading yours.

  1. If the bike rack is in the closed position, hold your bicycle with one hand and, with the other, pull the handle upward to release the latch, then lower the rack.
    Si le support est fermé, tenez votre vélo d’une main et, de l’autre, tirez la poignée vers le haut pour dégager le verrou. Abaissez ensuite le support.
  2. Lift your bicycle and place the wheels in the wheel slots. The first bicycle should be loaded in the space closest to the bus.
    Soulevez votre vélo et placez les roues dans l’espace prévu à cette fin. Le premier vélo devrait occuper l’espace le plus près de l’autobus.
  3. Raise the support arm over the front tire as high as it will go without touching the bicycle’s frame or fender.
    Ramenez le bras d’appui sur votre pneu aussi haut que vous le pouvez, mais sans qu’il touche au cadre ou au garde-boue.   

Removing your bike from the rack

  1. Before reaching your destination, inform the driver that you need to remove your bicycle from the rack.
  2. Raise the support arm and return it to the horizontal position.
  3. Lift your bicycle and remove it from the rack.
    Descendez votre vélo du support.
  4. If the rack is empty, fold it up until it locks into place. 
    Si le support est vide, repliez-le jusqu’à ce qu’il soit verrouillé.
  5. Move away from the bus and signal to the driver that the path is clear.
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