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How to browse the website. Discover your schedule in real time.

Check out the next buses in real time by searching for a bus line and bus stop under these tabs:  Schedules and map or the Bus – Schedules page under the Useful Info heading.

Real time info is not automatically refreshed. To refresh displayed time, press the arrow available in the right-hand sidebar showing the next buses.

Planned schedules can be viewed by clicking on Full schedule, shown below bus times in real time.

  • Bus schedules within 60 minutes are adjusted according to transit network status (detours, works)
  • The schedule in real time is indicated in minutes – For example: 5 minutes
  • The schedule in planned time is indicated in hours – For example: 14 h 28  

Real time = our best prediction for the departure time at bus stop

Planned schedule. Can be viewed by clicking on Complete schedule

Clickable arrow to refresh displayed time

Schedule shown in planned time when data unavailable in real time

Hourglass pictogram with planned time replaces real time due to bus stuck in traffic

Our advice:

Check the schedule before your departure to know the updated status of bus service.

Frequently Asked Questions

See your bus schedules and its position in real time.

Get our most accurate estimate for your bus departure time.

  • Bus schedules within 60 minutes are adjusted according to transit network status (detours, works)
  • The schedule in real time is indicated in minutes – For example: 5 minutes
  • The schedule in planned time is indicated in hours – For example: 14 h 28

Real time is made possible thanks to vehicle geolocation. By knowing the exact position of every bus on the road, it is possible to predit at what time the bus will really arrive at a bus stop and to communicate this information to customers in real time. This information is displayed in minutes and is available 60 minutes before the bus arrives at the stop (e.g. bus in 15 minutes).

Schedules adjusted daily are schedules that include updates based on daily events and operational issues.

Available on the day of travel under the headings : Schedules and maps or from the Bus – Schedules section of the « Our networks » menu, select the bus line and stop you want and choose « day ».

Planned schedules: Planned times are the times a bus arrives as planned. Modified 4 times a year. Perfect to help you plan your transit rides several days in advance. This information is shown in hours on all customer information tools and schedules (e.g. 13h14).

Available from these tools: Planibus, and when you choose another day than the current one, under Schedules and maps. Planned schedules are also available in the Bus – Schedules section of the « Our networks » menu. Choose the bus line and stop you want and select « Week ».

Note that planned schedules are used by the trip planning algorithm YOUR TRIP when suggesting travel options.

No. The ' Your Trip ' calculator uses planned schedules.

When there is heavy traffic, an hourglass pictogram with planned times replaces real times for a given bus. The words « Traffic congestion » appear in blue instead.  

A bus is considered delayed by traffic when it does not move or travels 40 metres or less in 60 seconds.

When a bus is stuck in traffic for a long period, we are no longer able to predict its arrival time at a bus stop, as it is no longer moving and we do not know how long it will be stopped. During such events, we display planned times with the hourglass symbol and a message informing of the late arrival due to traffic.

The time displayed can remain unchanged for a while, at times, for example, the site has been displaying 1 minute for 2 minutes or more. That could mean the bus is stopped at a red light and is not moving.

When bus service is being regulated, a bus can be added in support on a given bus line. That is known as an unplanned service addition. These bus runs are not included in the schedule. 

Upcoming buses are presented in chronological order, from the nearest to latest in time.

Yes, an internet connection is needed to obtain and refresh data in real time.

Slight variations are possible. For example, the BIC may show the next bus in 2 minutes, when our test website shows the remaining time to be 3 minutes. This discrepancy is explained by the gap (of only a few seconds) in updating the times displayed by the BIC and the website, as the data comes from two different sources.

Once the development is completed, the open data for schedules in real time will be available in the GTFS real time format and accessible through an API.

No. STM will continue to publish its planned schedules as there is still a need for accessing bus schedules for the next day.

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Yes. The website complies with level AA (WCAG 2.0 AA) accessibility criteria for web.

When real time is unavailable, bus times are shown as scheduled times (e.g. 14 h 28). Several reasons can explain why real times are not displayed. For example, if the connection or bus location is lost, the GPS data will no longer be available. Also, if the bus is not connected to the system, showing real time info is no longer possible.

Choose the information tools that best suits you in order to take your real-time

In addition to the mobile site as well as the Transit and Chrono applications, learn more about all the tools at your disposal to follow your bus and schedule in real time.

Ways for viewing bus schedules

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