Jean-Talon (waterproofing membrane)

Between now and the end of 2019, Jean-Talon station’s waterproofing membrane will be completely refurbished. This major project will result in the complete closure of Jean-Talon Street between Saint-Denis and De Saint-Vallier Streets from the beginning of April until the summer of 2019.

As part of this project prior to the major refurbishment of the station’s interior, we will also reinforce a foundation wall that runs above the Orange line. In addition, from August to December 2019, we will continue exterior work, blocking De Saint-Vallier Street.

Mur de fondation surplombant les voies de la ligne jaune

Latest updates

July 16, 2019

Texte important

Night-time concrete work

We are carrying out major consolidation works of a foundation wall above the tracks at
Jean-Talon station.

Given the nature of the equipment used and because the works have to be carried out on the platforms, it must absolutely be performed outside of métro service hours, that is to say at night.

Impacts of the work

A concrete pour is scheduled during the night of July 16 to 17, causing noise from the concrete mixers and concrete pump.

All necessary authorizations have been obtained from the Borough.

We are aware of the inconvenience this construction work might cause. Rest assured that we will take all necessary measures to lessen the impact in your neighbourhood.

April 15, 2019

The construction site is progressing rapidly

Take a look at some pictures of the site. The excavation is in full swing!

Closure of the universally accessible entrance on April 13 and 14

Next weekend, we will proceed with the installation of a temporary footbridge in front of the entrance equipped with elevator (located at 430 Jean-Talon Street East).

This footbridge will maintain access to the universally accessible entrance during the waterproofing membrane replacement. It will be removed at the end of the works, which will require a second closure of the entrance, for a weekend long.

You will be able to access the station via one of the other entrances. People with reduced mobility who have to use an elevator to access the metro network will have to go to Rosemont or Henri-Bourassa station via bus 30 - Saint-Denis / Saint-Hubert or 31 - Saint-Denis.

Texte important

Access to the métro station, as well as businesses and places of interest in the area, will be maintained at all times.

Pedestrian traffic will be allowed only on the south side of Jean-Talon Street, and will be diverted behind the station’s south entrance building. Access to the north entrance doors leading to Jean-Talon Street will be blocked. The doors located on Berri Street will nevertheless be accessible. Customers wanting to walk on Jean-Talon Street are invited to use the south entrance building.

Jean-Talon bus plan

Questions and Answers

Replacing a waterproofing membrane requires excavating the ground above it. We will dig one to seven metres deep, depending on the locations. The station’s pedestrian tunnels occupy the entire width of these streets underground. That is why it is necessary to completely close Jean-Talon and De Saint-Vallier Streets to carry out the work. Minimizing the number of work phases enables us to reduce the total duration and cost of the work and increase its efficiency.

It is a device that protects the station from water infiltrations. The membrane covers the station’s underground roof and is therefore located underground. Jean-Talon station’s waterproofing membrane dates back to the station’s initial construction in 1966, and the membrane has reached the end of its useful life.

There have been minor obstructions inside the station, since last January. The fencing, located at the head of the Côte-Vertu platform and at the end of the Montmorency platform, allows us to proceed with the reinforcement of the foundation wall.

Moreover, the south entrance building will have to be closed another weekend, during the summer. To successfully replace the entire waterproofing membrane, we will have to excavate right to the doors of the south entrance building (where the elevators are located). To maintain access to this critical entrance building most of the time, we have installed a pedestrian walkway. The removal of this walkway will, however, result in the closure of the entrance building for a short period. The dates of this closure will be announced at a later date.

Several lines will be diverted and some bus stops will be temporarily moved. See the map below for the location of your bus stop.

Jean-Talon Bus Plan

Note that the lines 30 - Saint-Denis / Saint-Hubert and 31 - Saint-Denis are already in detour, because of construction site of the Ville de Montréal.

Essentially, traffic will be redirected toward Bélanger and Saint-Zotique Streets. See the map below for all the traffic plan details.

Lajeunesse Street will also become one way north. The left turn will be permitted on Jean-Talon Street from Berri Street.

Note that adjustments to this plan may be required along the way.

Yes, it was a top priority for us to ensure careful coordination with other work providers in the area during project planning. Some phases will therefore be coordinated with other nearby projects to minimize obstructions and their duration.

In addition, the traffic plan was developed with the people in charge of the other sites and the boroughs to minimize the impact on area residents. However, under current conditions, public transit is definitely the best option.

Since we have to excavate the ground under these trees to access the underground roof of the station, we will unfortunately have to cut them down. All trees will be replanted in accordance with the City's development plan.

It is scheduled for the coming years.

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Work is made possible thanks to funding from the ministère des Transports du Québec and by Infrastructure Canada as part of the Canada-Québec Building Fund.

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