Upcoming work at Pie-IX station

Project summary

Major work will begin soon at Pie-IX station, including the installation of four elevators as part of the universal accessibility project. Additionally, we will be replacing the waterproofing membrane that covers the station’s underground roof, conducting major renovations on the station itself, and doing refurbishment work on Pierre-De Coubertin Avenue.

Duration of the work: October 13, 2020 to July 2022

Description of the work: Elevator installation and major station renovations

Métro impacts: Yes, the station's secondary entrance building will be closed for 8 months.

Bus impacts: Yes, some bus stops will be relocated during work.

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A virtual public information session was held on September 22. This dialogue with the community gave us the opportunity to present the work that will be done and to answer your questions. You can view the document (en français) that was presented during the session or view the recording of this public information session.

Impact on customer trips

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Bus and métro service will be maintained at all times, though some bus stops will have to be relocated during the work. Be careful and cross only at traffic lights and marked crosswalks.

Phase 1: October 13, 2020, to April 2021

When work starts in fall 2020, the station’s secondary entrance building on the west side of Pie-IX Boulevard will be closed. The station will remain accessible via the main entrance building.

  • A path will be built around the station’s secondary entrance building to allow pedestrians to walk on the west side of Pie-IX Boulevard.
  • A safe zone will be created at the intersection of Pie-IX and Pierre-De Coubertin for pedestrians crossing the boulevard.
  • The worksite will not block pedestrians from using the sidewalk on the south side of Pierre-De Coubertin east of Pie-IX Boulevard.

Impact on buses

When the contractor starts work on October 13, 2020, bus stops for lines 139 Pie-IX South and 355 Pie-IX South located in front of the secondary entrance building will be moved south of Pierre-De Coubertin Avenue, still on the west side of Pie-IX Boulevard. The bus stop for line 97 West - Avenue du Mont-Royal will also be moved south between Pierre-De Coubertin Avenue and Hochelaga street.

Impact on local residents

Did you know that teams from the STM, the City of Montréal, the integrated Pie-IX BRT project and the RIO will be working together?

These organizations are collaborating on the project’s phasing strategy to align all the work in a way that keeps transportation running smoothly in the area and allows them to manage their investments well. The City of Montréal will take advantage of the excavation phase to update underground infrastructure, while the refurbishment work on Pierre-De Coubertin Avenue will integrate the needs to the future Pie-IX BRT.

Traffic during the work

  • Although the work site will cover the west side of Pie-IX Boulevard, two southbound lanes and one northbound lane will remain open to car traffic.
  • Pierre-De Coubertin Avenue eastbound will be closed between Pie-IX and De La Salle.
  • Desjardins Avenue will become a cul-de-sac during the work, ending at the worksite on Pierre-De Coubertin.
  • This means that there will be two-way traffic on Desjardins between Pierre-De Coubertin and Hochelaga.
  • Street parking will be prohibited on one side of Desjardins during this period.

On-street parking: Parking restrictions will be in place around and inside the work area. Read the signage carefully.

Sidewalks and access: Pedestrian access to buildings will be maintained at all times. Sidewalks may be blocked occasionally. In this event, pedestrian detours will be implemented.

Buses: Service will be maintained, with some relocated stops. Read bus stop signs carefully.

Garbage, recycling and organic waste collection: Collection schedules will be maintained for the duration of the work. The contractor will bring your bins to the collection site and bring them back in front of your residence. Please clearly identify your bins with your address.

Water shut-offs: Water may be shut off during certain work. Notices will be distributed to affected homes 48 hours before any shut-off. We ask that you pay close attention to these notices so that you can prepare accordingly.

If you have any other questions regarding this project, please contact STM customer service at 514-786-4636.

Learn more about the project

The STM wanted to provide Montréalers connecting from the métro network with direct access to the Pie-IX BRT, a fully accessible bus rapid transit service that will start operating in 2022.

  • Expansion of the main and secondary entrance buildings
  • Addition of elevators in the station’s two entrance buildings (two elevators)
  • Addition of elevators between the platforms and the mezzanine (two elevators)
  • Construction of an additional staircase in the secondary entrance building
  • Refurbishment of the station involving the following main improvements:
  • Refurbishment of the waterproofing membrane protecting the underground parts of the station
  • Improved lighting
  • Installation of the new family of signage
  • Addition of motorized butterfly doors
  • Refurbishment of mechanical rooms
  • Addition of natural ventilation shafts

Because of the scale of the worksite and the excavation work that will be required, we are also working with the City of Montréal to perform municipal infrastructure and refurbishment work on Pierre-De Coubertin Avenue.

We want to provide Montrealers with a direct link between the métro network and the new Pie-IX BRT, a fully accessible bus rapid transit service that will be operational in 2022.

Located at the corner of Pie-IX Boulevard and Pierre-De Coubertin Avenue, Pie-IX station is one of two métro stations built to serve the main site of the 1976 Summer Olympics. It is connected to the Olympic Stadium by an underground passage and is the station most famously associated with the 1976 Olympics.

Pie-IX station opened to the public on June 6, 1976. However, it was not officially inaugurated until July 4, 1976, a few days before the start of the Olympics, which ran from July 17 to August 1, 1976. In 2018, a record 5,190,812 people boarded the métro at Pie-IX, making it the 17th busiest station out of 68. With the addition of the BRT and increased accessibility, Pie-IX should only climb higher in that ranking.

The station was designed by Montréal architect Marcel Raby, who also designed neighbouring Joliette station. Pie-IX station was built entirely in open cut, and its platforms are situated a little over 10 metres underground, making it a relatively shallow station.

We look at several criteria when deciding which stations to make accessible next. Transfer stations were given priority. We also consider other factors, such as whether the station becomes highly crowded during peak periods and major events, whether it is located in a densely populated neighbourhood and whether making it accessible will create an even distribution of accessible stations across the network. There are also technical difficulties specific to each site that affect our ability to quickly set up worksites.

The waterproofing membrane protects the station from water infiltrations. It covers the station’s underground roof and is therefore located underground . The current membrane at Pie-IX station is coming to the end of its useful life and needs to be replaced.

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The Accessibility program is made possible thanks to additional funding announced by the federal and provincial governments for the purpose of speeding up universal accessibility work and making 41 métro stations accessible by 2025.

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