Upcoming work at Pie-IX station

Project summary

In spring 2020, we will begin major renovations at Pie-IX station, which will involve installing four elevators.

Duration of the work: Spring 2020 to 2022

Description of the work: Major renovations and installation of elevators

Métro impacts: To be confirmed

Bus impacts: Yes

Impact on customer trips

Some bus stops will be relocated during the work. Details will be communicated later.

Impact on local residents

Did you know that the design teams for the integrated Pie-IX BRT project, the City of Montréal, the RIO and the STM are working together?

They are striving to align the work, develop a phasing strategy and keep transit running smoothly in the area. All of the work in the Pierre-De Coubertin area will be coordinated to limit the impact on local residents.

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The STM wanted to provide Montréalers connecting from the métro network with direct access to the Pie-IX BRT, a fully accessible bus rapid transit service that will start operating in 2022.

  • Expansion of the main and secondary entrance buildings
  • Addition of elevators in the station’s two entrance buildings (two elevators)
  • Addition of elevators between the platforms and the mezzanine (two elevators)
  • Construction of an additional staircase in the secondary entrance building
  • Refurbishment of the station involving the following main improvements:
  • Refurbishment of the waterproofing membrane protecting the underground parts of the station
  • Improved lighting
  • Installation of the new family of signage
  • Addition of motorized butterfly doors
  • Refurbishment of mechanical rooms
  • Addition of natural ventilation shafts

Further details on work phasing coming soon.

Located at the corner of Pie-IX Boulevard and Pierre-De Coubertin Avenue, Pie-IX station is one of the two métro stations built to serve the main site of the 1976 Summer Olympic Games. It is linked to the Olympic Stadium by an underground passage and was without a doubt the station of the 1976 Olympics.

Pie-IX station opened to the public on June 6, 1976, but was not officially inaugurated until July 4, 1976, a few days before the start of the Olympics (held from July 17 to August 1, 1976). In 2018, it recorded 5,190,812 entries, a record since its opening, placing it 17th out of 68 stations. There is no doubt that the arrival of the Pie-IX BRT, and its accessibility, will increase traffic in this station.

Pie-IX station was designed by City of Montréal architect Marcel Raby, who also designed neighbouring station Joliette.

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The Accessibility program is made possible thanks to the additional funding announced by the federal and provincial governments to speed up universal accessibility work and make the entire métro network accessible by 2038.

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