Savoie rectifier stations

Construction of Savoie rectifier stations

Project summary

A building that will house two new rectifier stations is currently under construction. The stations will be located below Savoie Avenue, near Ontario Street, where there is already a mechanical ventilation station.

A rectifier station holds equipment that is necessary to supply electrical power to the métro tracks. The STM has 63 rectifier stations spread out across its network and most of them are located between métro stations.

Duration of the work: April 2017 to fall 2019

Description of the work: Construction of new rectifier stations

Impact on métro service: No

Impact on bus service: No

Impact on customer trips

This projet has no impact on customer trips.

Impact on local residents


Since November 2019, the worksite doesn't create any obstructions.

The construction of the rectifier stations is now complete. Only finishing work is left to be done, mostly inside the building.

Some of the fences around the work area were recently removed. In spring 2020, we will complete exterior landscaping work, such as laying down sod on the property next to the building to restore it to its original state.

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The new rectifier stations will not be heard by neighbourhood residents. Equipment fans in rectifier station are equipped with high-performance noise suppressors. Once in operation, the station will comply with city noise regulations and will not be louder than the current mechanical ventilation station. In fact, the noise level will be so low that it will be able to be covered by normal human conversation or the area’s ambient noise.

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This work is made possible through funding from the Ministère des Transports du Québec.

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