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Work underway at Vendôme station

Projet summary

The project involves installing a new entrance building for Vendôme métro station as the current one is currently not universally accessible. The new entrance building, train platforms, pedestrian tunnel leading to the hospital and surface infrastructures will be equipped with elevators and universal accessibility equipment, such as wider motorized butterfly doors and wing gates. In total, five elevators will be installed to make it easier for customers to get around this intermodal transit hub and travel to the MUHC.

Duration of the work: October 2017 to spring 2021

Description of the work: Construction of a new universally accessible entrance building

Métro impacts: No

Bus impacts: Yes

Impact on customer trips

There is no impact on customer trips at the moment.

Impact on local residents

Local resident?

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Public information evenings and liaison committee

Public information evenings, some of them followed by discussion workshops, took place at various key steps in the project. You can view the presentation prepared for the June 18, 2018, public information evening.

In summer 2018, a liaison committee was set up to foster healthy, dynamic relations between the STM and local residents. It is made up of the following volunteers:

  • Maureen Kiely
  • Anouk Laurent
  • James Luck
  • Élizabeth McCallum
  • Jo-Anne Wemmers (substitute member)

You can contact committee members at the following address: vendome.comite.liaison@gmail.com.

A public consultation was held in 2017. You can consult the Commission’s report and resulting action plan on this Web page.

  • Noise and vibration levels will be monitored throughout the project to maintain good relations with the neighbourhood
  • A study on air quality and mitigation measures will also be performed to ensure the comfort of local residents
  • A communications plan including various communication tools will be implemented to inform residents, passengers and the public 
  • A traffic plan for cars and trucks will be implemented to keep traffic in the area as fluid as possible

Learn more about the project

The awards ceremony of the 13th Élixir contest hosted by the Montréal branch of the Project Management Institute took place on December 3, 2019. The contest celebrates the best achievements in project management in Quebec. At the event, the Vendôme project team received honours for the risk management component of its tunnel jacking operation under the railway tracks. Watch the video of this important milestone.

    Did you know?

    The concrete used to pour the bus loop slab is made of glass powder from recycled bottles. The amalgam is a green Quebec innovation, made possible thanks to the Chaire SAQ de valorisation du verre dans les matériaux and Université de Sherbrooke. This initiative demonstrates the STM’s commitment to sustainable development and is part of the process to obtain the Envision certification for this project.

    Last April, we performed a tunnel jacking procedure under tracks 2 and 3 using a patented European technique called sliding by Autofonçage® for the first time in Canada. We planned a 72-hour timeline to complete the procedure, but our teams successfully carried out the work in under 59 hours!

    Watch the video of this important milestone.

    Consult the accessibility page for more info on the external medias.

    See Tunnel jacking procedure at Vendôme station on YouTube

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    The tunnel in numbers

    • 12 metres long
    • 8 metres wide
    • 600 metric tonnes
    • 1.5 metres: distance covered per hour during the procedure
    • 70 metres of track must be cut on each track to make enough space for the procedure

    From June 28 to July 2, 2019, we worked on the second part of the underground tunnel. This time, track 1 was removed so we could excavate the ground below. Subsequently, four prefabricated concrete rings were assembled side by side to form this section of the tunnel.

    Four prefabricated concrete rings form a segment of the underground tunnel.


    Since the MUHC opened in 2015, a growing number of people have been moving through Vendôme station. This trend will only increase in the coming years, particularly in light of the added service by exo and the location of the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC).

    The project will make your commute through the station more fluid, increase the station’s passenger capacity and help improve foot traffic from commuter trains, the métro, the bus terminus and the MUHC. The addition of an underground pedestrian corridor linking the station's new entrance building directly to the exo train platforms and the MUHC will let you take the shortest route to reach either of these destinations.

    The entrance building will open directly onto De Maisonneuve Ouest, making it easier to reach the MUHC and providing it with a link to the public transit system. Simplified signage inside will help people easily find their destination. Elevators will be next to the staircases in the entrance building to increase visibility and ensure proximity.


    The new entrance buliding will be on the east side of the bus loop serving Vendôme station and partially integrated into the ground floor of the building at 5100 De Maisonneuve Ouest.

    From the métro platforms, you will have access to:

    • The exo train platforms
    • The tunnel leading to the MUHC

    Open areas, stairs and fare collection zones were designed to ensure fluid, efficient passenger movements inside. The entrance building will follow the logic of other métro stations by connecting to it at a right angle to ensure structural efficiency. The elevators to the métro platforms will be located next to the stairs to increase visibility and ensure proximity. The structural framework will be made up of peripheral columns to create open areas for passengers to move about freely.

    An underground pedestrian tunnel will link the MUHC to the train station. It will have elegant lighting and be made of sustainable, light-toned materials. The tunnel environment will be safe and dynamic.

    The existing entrance building to Vendôme station is not accessible to people with limited mobility. The new entrance building, the train station platforms, the pedestrian tunnel to the MUHC, and all surface installations will have elevators and other universal access equipment, such as motorized butterfly doors and wing gates.

    The concept aims to create a fully accessible station featuring safe, user-friendly and visually-pleasing facilities.

    As the new entrance building is nestled among existing infrastructure (nearby buildings, métro tunnel, bus loop and CP train tracks), space is very limited. And, because escalators require more volume of space than staircases, the new entrance building would have had to be bigger to avoid conflict with existing structures, while still providing enough space to ensure fluid passenger movements or safe evacuation. 

    Because of the limited space available for the new building, it was impossible to make room for escalators in the new entrance building.

    Coupe de la station

    The area shaded in orange shows the volume of space that an escalator would take up, including its mechanical rooms. In red, we can see that the upper mechanical room, above the Montmorency platform, would invade the métro tunnel. The dotted line shows the limits of CP’s railroad right-of-way that cannot be encroached upon, preventing any possibility of moving the escalators further back.

    In line with our commitment to integrating sustainability best practices, we are pursuing Envision verification for this project. The Envision reference framework was developed to cover all the sustainable development aspects of an infrastructure project and each phase of its life cycle (planning, design, construction, operations and maintenance, and end-of-life). It is the top sustainable development tool in North America for major infrastructure projects such as metro and streetcar systems.

    Verifying the project will allow us to:

    • Consult and involve stakeholders
    • Mitigate construction impacts on our community and environment
    • Reduce the impacts of materials used (resource consumption and manufacturing emissions)
    • Rehabilitate contaminated land
    • Reduce operational impacts (residual materials, water and energy savings, noise and vibration reduction, etc.)
    • Improve vegetation cover
    • Improve the project’s resilience to climate change

    To learn more, visit the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure Website.

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    The project in images

    Informative video

    Consult the accessibility page for more info on the external medias.

    See Vendôme project: access for all! on YouTube


    This work is made possible thanks to funding from the Government of Québec.

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