Discover the leafy 80 du Parc

The leafy 80 du Parc.

From Parc-Extension to Mount Royal Park.

''All along its descent toward the lower part of the city, you’ll see cultural diversity, numerous shops, and places to get a tasty treat. This city is full of architectural wonders and beautiful parks—like Jeanne-Mance—just waiting for you to discover them. There’s also a breathtaking view of downtown Montréal on this line. And you’ll see Quartier des Spectacles, which is truly unique with its variety of entertainment.'' - Jessie Bilodeau, bus driver

View of President-Kennedy avenue.© Société de transport de Montréal

If you get on at the south end of this line, you’ll be in the heart of Quartier des Spectacles. You’ll soon turn onto Du Parc Avenue via Sherbrooke Street, entering the McGill University area. This is Milton-Parc, home to many university students who’ve earned the neighbourhood its “McGill Ghetto” nickname. As the bus heads north, you’ll get to look out the window at the Percival Molson Memorial Stadium, home to the Montreal Alouettes, on the slopes of Mount Royal. With Mount Royal Park on one side and Jeanne-Mance Park on the other, du Parc Avenue is well suited to its name.

View of the momument Georges-Étienne Cartier.© Tourisme Montréal - Madore - Daphné Caron

Mile End and Mile-Ex: a million things to see!

Next comes the Mile End, where you’ll cross Laurier, Fairmont and Saint-Viateur. With their cafés, bistros, restaurants and shops of all sorts, these streets have much to offer.

Photo du Théâtre Rialto.© Théâtre Rialto

Then, between the corner of Beaumont Street and the old Jean-Talon train station, you’ll pass through up-and-coming neighbourhood Mile-Ex.

Around Parc métro station, on the Blue line, you’ll find yourself in the Parc-Extension neighbourhood. You’ll feel like you’re in another country walking around Jean-Talon and Ogilvy streets in this area, with their delicious aromas of food from all around the world and little neighbourhood shops just waiting to be explored.

If you take the 80 all the way to its north end, you’ll end up a short walk away from Marché Central, where you can satisfy the bargain-seeker in you. Welcome aboard the 80!

In a hurry? The route taken by the 80 is also served by the 435 Express Du Parc / Côte-des-Neiges.

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