Two members to represent our customers

Two members to represent our customers

In December 2021, for the first time in STM history, our Board of Directors initiated a public call for applications process to recruit two new members: one to represent public transit (bus and métro) customers and one to represent Transport adapté customers.

The STM sincerely thanks all applicants for their interest.

With over 400 applications submitted, the process was a resounding success, as reflected in the high calibre of the applications received.

Suzanne Lareau has been appointed Representative of Public Transit Customers (bus and métro)

A long-time active transportation and public transit user, Suzanne Lareau has demonstrated outstanding involvement in the active transportation community. She has previously served on the boards of several transportation and urban transit organizations. Her experience with matters of governance, sustainable mobility and customer service has led her to develop a strategic vision and earned her widespread recognition from many industry stakeholders.

Sylvain Le May has been appointed Representative of Paratransit Customers

For many years, Sylvain Le May has been deeply involved in working to improve the daily lives of vulnerable groups and people with disabilities, both in the workplace and within the community. Drawing on his professional experience, mainly in higher education, he has advocated passionately for equity, diversity and inclusion in his many accomplishments with a number of public organizations. He has extensive knowledge of universal accessibility legislation, the Canadian and Quebec charters of rights and freedoms, and our paratransit service, Transport adapté, of which he has been a customer for the last three decades.

The call for applications was held December 13 to 27, 2021, during which time Montrealers submitted 412 applications via the STM website. The STM Corporate Secretariat coordinated the submission and processing of the applications, as well as the recommendation of candidates with the greatest potential. The City of Montréal, acting through its agglomeration council, made the final selections on January 27, 2022.

Yes, the appointment of the two new members has maintained gender parity within the Board of Directors.

Members of the Board of Directors take part in three types of work, namely preparatory meetings, public meetings and committees.

The preparatory meetings allow members to follow up on the previous meeting, communicate committee chairs’ reports, examine various files in preparation for their adoption and inform members about current and upcoming projects. Committees do more in-depth analyses of specific files. Accessibility of meeting places and their access via public transit is guaranteed.

Members participate actively in all meetings of the Board of Directors. The public meetings take place 10 times a year. In addition to Board meetings, members representing our customers take part in information or special sessions (between 5 and 10 sessions) throughout the year. Members who join a committee must attend additional meetings (between 4 and 10 meetings).

We were seeking individuals with the following qualities and skills:

Sense of ethics: behave in a way that is consistent with the applicable ethical values and principles, according to their functions. They are able to recognize value conflicts and ethical risks associated with the performance of some of their functions and the decision-making processes in which they take part.

Integrity: defend the organization’s interests, act with honesty and promote behaviour that is above reproach.

Availability: actively participate in all meetings of the Board of Directors and conscientiously prepare for them by reading the documentation ahead of time, reflecting and doing research so as to make a meaningful contribution to the organization.

Strategic thinking: be able to recognize and pinpoint the issues that the organization is facing based on a solid understanding of the context. They demonstrate the ability to anticipate issues, risks and opportunities, as well as their impacts on the achievement of the organizational mission. They are able to contribute positively to the development of strategies. They have political savvy and the ability to understand the legal context in which the organization operates.

Leadership: be able to perform their duties proactively, and make a meaningful contribution toward the handling of files submitted to the Board. They use their knowledge and experience to foster discussion and enhance the Board’s decision-making processes.

Communication: be able to clearly and respectfully express their ideas to the Board. They use their communication skills to promote dialogue, and actively listen.

The STM wishes to thank all those who demonstrate their interest by applying for the position. However, we will contact only those whose application is being retained for further consideration.

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