Work underway at Angrignon station

Project summary

Installation of two elevators to make Angrignon station universally accessible.

Duration of the work: October 2019 to fall 2022

Description of the work: Installation of elevators

Métro impacts: No

Bus impacts: Yes (spring 2020)

Impact on customer trips

  • Angrignon station will remain open at all times.
  • The bike racks have been moved near the entrance to Angrignon Park.

Concrete work - End of March 2021 to summer 2021

Concrete work is currently underway. We will occasionally have concrete mixers and a pump on site, roughly twice a week, always in the evening.

Some sidewalks will be closed during this work. You will have to use those that remain open to get to the station or to Des Trinitaires Boulevard. There will be flaggers present to point you in the right direction.

Bus impacts:

While the sidewalk is blocked, the 110 Centrale stop will be relocated to the same location as the 495 LaSalle/Lachine Express.

Partitions will be installed in various areas outside the station so we can expand the station to install the elevators and replace the curtain walls.

All station entrances will remain open.

The pedestrian path to Angrignon Park is closed to install a worksite trailer. The station entrance closest to the path remains open. The bike racks that were moved onto the path will be relocated close to the station doors.

Concrete work - End of March 2021 to summer 2021

Concreting may generate noise on some evenings. It will be done sporadically, about twice a week. Due to the nature of the work, it will be done in the evening and finish at different times depending on the day. Concreting will begin in late March and is scheduled to end in the summer.

All truck backup alarms will be set to low to mitigate the noise generated.


Impact on local residents

There will be no impact on local residents. Construction work that may generate noise will generally be restricted to a limited time between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.

Learn more about the project

Integrating elevators into a métro station involves a number of steps. Given Angrignon station’s architecture, we will have to expand the station at specific locations to install the elevators under the glass domes. We will also replace all the station’s exterior glass walls (curtain walls) to improve the station’s watertightness.

A new work of art

A contest was launched in November 2018 to select an artist who will create a work of art that will be integrated into the station. The winner will be announced in 2019. The work of art will be the station’s first, since no work of art was installed when the station was built.


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The Accessibility program is made possible thanks to the additional funding announced by the federal and provincial governments to speed up universal accessibility work.

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