Work underway at McGill station

Project summary

Since March 2020, major work has begun both inside and outside McGill station.

Duration of the work: March 2020 to winter 2023

Description of the work: replacement of the waterproofing membrane covering the station’s underground roof, installation of two elevators, construction of a new entrance building, and renovation of three of the station’s six entrance buildings.

Métro impacts: several partitions will be installed on the western side of the station. They will temporarily close off two entrance buildings and one access to the Centre Eaton de Montréal.

Bus impacts: line 420 Express Notre-Dame-de-Grâce

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Progress of repair work around McGill station

Exterior work to replace the waterproofing membrane covering the station’s underground roof has been completed. This project involved multiple steps, including soil excavation, removal of the old membrane, surface cleaning and installation of a multi-layer waterproofing system to prevent leaks.

This worksite was also an opportunity for us to continue the construction work on an elevator shaft in the western portion of the station on De Maisonneuve Boulevard.

Impact on customer trips

The 420 - Express Notre-Dame-de-Grâce stops are being relocated due to the other construction projects in the area. 

Please see the schedule on our web page.

Partial opening of the west side of the mezzanine

As of Tuesday, November 15, the worksite on the west side of the mezzanine will be downsized. The Espace client will once again offer customer service from opening to closing, 7 days a week. Some turnstiles will be closed for a few days while they are relocated.

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Entrance building reopening

As of Monday, November 21, 2022, the entrance at 640 de Maisonneuve West will be open to customers again.

Areas where work is still in progress

  • The entrance hall located at 811 De Maisonneuve Ouest is closed.You will be able to access the station through the entrance building at 2055 Robert-Bourassa.
  • One of the two accesses to the Centre Eaton de Montréal is not available.

Plan your trips when leaving the station:

  • Take the Eaton Centre exit to go west on De Maisonneuve Boulevard
  • Take the Union exit to go east on De Maisonneuve Boulevard

Impact on people in the area

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Entrance buildings


Pedestrians will be able to walk safely on all sidewalks at all times. The bike path, however, will be moved onto Président-Kennedy.

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Businesses and office towers will remain accessible for the duration of the work.


Learn more about the project

The waterproofing membrane protects the station from water infiltrations. It covers the station’s underground roof and is therefore located underground. McGill station’s membrane dates back to its initial construction and has reached the end of its useful life.

Learn more about waterproofing membranes

Different criteria influence the order in which elevators are installed at métro stations, such as ridership, proximity to certain services or institutions and technical complexity. This work is part of the STM’s goal to have 41 universally accessible stations by 2025.

Learn more about universal accessibility in the métro network

Coordinating with the other projects in the area is very important to us. We have coordinated with the Réseau express métropolitain (REM) project and the Ville de Montréal’s projects on Sainte-Catherine. The traffic plan was developed with all stakeholders in the area.

Update on McGill station’s major refurbishment project

  • Replacement of travertine wall cladding throughout the station
  • Refurbishment of La Baie (1445, Union Av.), Parkade (2021, Union Av.), De la Cathédrale (640 De Maisonneuve West Bld.) University and 810 De Maisonneuve West Bld. entrance buildings
  • Replacement of wall and floor finishings and upgrading of platform lighting  
  • Various electrical work and improvement of ventilation
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Did you know?

When the station was built in the 1960s, McGill station was known as a prestigious station. This was why it has escalators that go right down to the platforms and walls covered with travertine tile, a high-end product imported from Italy.

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This work is made possible through funding from the Ministère des Transports du Québec.

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