Château Dufresne

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2929, Jeanne-d'Arc Ave., Montréal


97 E. (arrêt Pie-IX / Sherbrooke)
139 S. (arrêt Sherbrooke / Pie-IX – coin sud-ouest)
139 N. (arrêt Sherbrooke / Pie-IX – coin nord-ouest)
185 E. (arrêt Sherbrooke / Pie-IX – coin sud-ouest)
185 O. (arrêt Sherbrooke / Pie-IX – coin nord-ouest)
439 S. (arrêt Sherbrooke / Pie-IX – coin sud-ouest)
439 N. (arrêt Pie-IX / Pierre-de-Coubertin

Main entrance1

Château Dufresne

$2 off adult entry fee

This sumptuous residence, classified rare historic monument in the East of the metropolis, plunges us into the beginning of the 20th century’s atmosphere of prosperity. Its architecture, interior decoration and domestic installations testify to an influential and avant-garde Francophone bourgeoisie whose actions on the development of Montreal were important.

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