Construction of the Viau station

Construction site summary

As part of the Blue line extension project, this worksite involves building a new accessible métro station with one entrance building. Preparatory work are being carried out to get the area ready for the future station to be built. The entire extension is expected to be commissioned in 2029.

Please note that the station name is a placeholder.

Duration of the work: From August 2022 until fall 2023.

Description of the work: Preparatory work to relocate underground utilities (water, sewage and cabling) out of the way of the future station excavation site.

Bus impacts: Lines 141 Jean-Talon Est and 372 Jean-Talon will be rerouted, and some stops will be relocated on lines 136 Viau and 188 Couture.

Next steps:

  • The worksite is currently on winter break. Work will resume in March on Baunard street.
  • In late 2023 or early 2024, excavation work will start.

Impact on customer trips

There are no impact on customer trips at the moment.

Impact on local residents

During the month of March, preparatory work for the Blue line extension will resume in your neighbourhood.

The work will involve relocating urban public utilities for the massive excavation that will be needed to build the new métro station. The utilities that need to be relocated include water pipes, sewers and underground conduits and cabling.

Work schedule for 2023 in the Viau area

Street closures planned on Baunard and De Cannes.

Work area A

Initially, the work will be concentrated at the north end of Baunard Street, between the bend and the intersection with De Cannes Street. We expect this step to take about seven weeks.

Local traffic will be permitted to allow residents of Baunard Street and Viau Boulevard to access parking.

Work area B

The worksite will then move to the Baunard and De Cannes intersection. Jean-Talon Street will no longer be accessible by travelling north on De Cannes or Baunard. We expect this step to take about six weeks.

  • Local traffic will be permitted on De Paisley to allow residents of Baunard Street and De Cannes Street to access parking.
  • Access to nearby businesses will be maintained, but some parking entrances may be blocked temporarily.
  • Pedestrian access to sidewalks will be maintained.

Other worksites on De Cannes

Throughout the spring, the worksite will change, going through several phases in turn. Work will continue on De Cannes, between Jean-Talon and Baunard (Work area C).

Work will also be required at the intersection with Jean-Talon and De Cannes (work areas D and E), but this phase should take less than one week. It will impact vehicle traffic on Jean-Talon, but one westbound lane will remain open.

During this phase, local traffic will still be permitted on De Cannes, between Baunard and De Paisley.

Street closures planned on Viau Boulevard

Starting in May, other work will be done on Viau, including at the Jean-Talon intersection. More details will follow about this upcoming work phase.

What can residents expect?

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What you need to know

  • Detours will be in effect, marked by appropriate road signage.
  • Access to businesses around the worksite will be maintained at all times. 
  • Collection services (household garbage, recycling and compost) will also be maintained. 
  • You will be notified directly if access to your private residential parking has to be blocked for certain parts of the work.
  • Work will take place during the day. We will use a hydraulic drill for the excavation. This may cause some noise, but it will only be done for a few weeks, during the first part of each work phase.
  • Brief drinking water outages are expected for certain specific areas. If your building is affected, you will be notified in advance with a notice on the door.
  • Brief power outages may be necessary. Hydro-Québec will notify you directly by phone if you will be affected.

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Demolition of the former commercial building, located on Jean-Talon Street at the corner of Viau Boulevard is now completed.

Our experts answer your questions

Our experts have prepared two informational video clips for you. Watch these clips to learn more about the project.

Consult the accessibility page for more info on the external medias.

See Clip 1: Description of the preparatory work (in French) on YouTube on YouTube

Consult the accessibility page for more info on the external medias.

See Clip 2 : Description of the preparatory work in the Viau area (in French) on YouTube on YouTube


Upgrades to the City of Montréal water main at the intersection of Viau Boulevard and de Paisley Street are not directly related to the construction of the future métro station. However, this work is being done now to limit street closures when the new station is built. The City of Montréal has hired the STM to carry out these upgrades. This coordinated effort marks the sound management of public funds.

The work will take place during the day and will be done at the same time as other work on Viau Boulevard to limit the impact on local travel.

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Did you know that the teams from the STM, the City of Montréal, Hydro-Québec and Énergir are all working together to coordinate the work?

These organizations are collaborating on the project’s phasing strategy so that all the work lines up to keep local travel running smoothly and ensure good management of their investments. During the excavation, the City of Montréal and other stakeholders will take the opportunity to upgrade underground infrastructure.

What type of work will be done?

The work will involve relocating urban public utilities, giving us free rein to begin the massive excavation that will be needed to build the new métro station. The utilities that need to be relocated include water pipes, sewers, and underground conduits and cabling.

We are finalizing the overall project schedule based on multiple factors. We will keep you informed as the project progresses and let you know when the work will begin.

Projects like the Viau area preparatory work need to be planned months in advance. Together, our experienced technicians, engineers and project managers pool their knowledge of a variety of disciplines, including civil engineering, structure, electricity, building mechanics, geotechnics, traffic maintenance and sustainable development.

Our design, project management and follow-up teams are putting their expertise to good use in the east end of the city, and all this is just the beginning!

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The blue line extension project follows in the wake of the Déclaration du gouvernement du Québec et de la Ville de Montréal to revitalize Montréal East. Many projects are underway to give a new impetus to this sector. Increased mobility, economic development, and improved living environments are at the heart of this ambitious project. For more information, see Qué (in French only).

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