Saint-Michel power station

Construction of the Saint-Michel power station

Construction site summary

As part of the Blue line extension project, the purpose of this worksite is to build a new operational infrastructure required to operate the métro. The building will house electrical equipment and some office spaces.

Duration of the work: Starting 2022, exact schedule to be specified.

Description of the work: New building construction.

Métro impacts: Details to come.

Bus impacts: Details to come.

Impact on customer trips

Details to come.

Impact on local residents

Details to come.

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A power station is an operational infrastructure that houses equipment needed to supply power to the métro network. There are currently 7 power stations located across the STM métro network. The Blue line extension to the east requires that we update our electrical equipment to meet new energy demands.

We will also use the Saint-Michel power station building to house offices that will be used by métro operations employees.

No, this type of infrastructure does not generally generate noise or fumes. However, it houses diesel generators, which are very rarely operated. In addition, there will be a few STM service vehicles parked behind the building.

Keeping the existing building, located at 7355 Saint-Michel Boulevard, was not feasible, as it does not meet all our specific requirements. Métro operational infrastructures must comply with a variety of internationally recognized standards.It is also important to know that the new equipment will be particularly massive and voluminous, which requires custom construction.

Work is planned to begin in mid-2022. The exact schedule will be specified shortly. We will keep you informed at appropriate intervals as the project progresses. We should also be able to unveil the new building’s architectural design by the end of 2021.

Yes, that is our intention. Renovation work are planned for the coming years inside the station, but it will remain functional despite certain constraints.

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Plan of the Saint-Michel power station.

The blue line extension project follows in the wake of the Déclaration du gouvernement du Québec et de la Ville de Montréal to revitalize Montréal East. Many projects are underway to give a new impetus to this sector. Increased mobility, economic development, and improved living environments are at the heart of this ambitious project. For more information, see Qué (in French only).

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