Construction of the Pie-IX station

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As part of the Blue line extension project, this worksite involves building a new accessible métro station with two entrance buildings and a bus terminal. The entire extension is expected to be commissioned in 2029.

Please note that the station name is tentative.

A direct link to the Pie-IX Boulevard bus rapid transit (BRT) service

The pedestrian tunnel, which will link the future Blue line extension Pie-IX métro station to the Pie-IX BRT, is currently under construction, as part of the integrated Pie-IX BRT project.

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December 2021 – Le Boulevard shopping centre remaining open

The STM is now the owner of Le Boulevard shopping centre, having completed the expropriation process started earlier in the project timeline. The mall will be able to remain in operation during the expected construction period of the new Pie-IX station.

Next steps

  • In 2023, the duplex located on Pie-IX Boulevard, at the corner of Jean-Talon, will be demolished to secure the site and prepare it for the excavation phase.
  • In late 2023 or early 2024, excavation work will start.

Impact on customer trips

Details to come.

Impact on local residents

Details to come.

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Questions and answers

In 2020 and 2021, two archeological potential studies were conducted at the sites of several future structures. This is standard procedure whenever we break ground on a project of this scale that requires excavation. Three future métro stations were identified for targeted interventions, at Pie-IX, Viau and Saint-Michel. These sites were chosen because they are located along the watershed of the Ruisseau du Pont à l’Avoine, a now-dried stream that existed until the 1950s. It flowed south to join the Ruisseau Molson and into the St. Lawrence.

  • The sites of the future métro stations at Pie-IX and Viau will be studied as they are likely to show signs of former Indigenous occupation.
  • The site of the future Saint-Michel power station, located beside the métro station of the same name, is potentially significant to European Quebec history, since it was occupied more recently in the early 20th century. A delivery company occupied the space until the 1960s, when the building was destroyed by fire.

An expert archeological firm has been hired to conduct the digs. After analyzing the sites and leading archeological potential studies, the archeologists will choose locations for inventory trenches. The trenches will be roughly one metre deep and will allow the researchers to physically evaluate the site’s potential.

If anything is found, the trench where it is discovered will be enlarged, and additional probes will be done to evaluate its archeological features. An inventory is also conducted as needed.

At the site of the future Pie-IX (working name) métro station, archeologists unearthed a stone wall and a wooden beam. Although these vestiges show that the site was occupied at the beginning of the last century, they were not of significant heritage value. An archaeological inventory was carried out to document the precise location of the ruins. The inventory included a qualitative and quantitative identification, ensuring the protection and safeguarding of the vestiges’ data.

Yes, the shopping centre will be able to remain in operation during the expected construction period of the new Pie-IX station. The STM acquired the building on December 1, 2021, following the expropriation process started earlier in the project timeline.

The property will be managed by STM subsidiary Transgesco. A recognized company specializing in this area has also been mandated to manage shopping centre operations.

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The blue line extension project follows in the wake of the Déclaration du gouvernement du Québec et de la Ville de Montréal to revitalize Montréal East. Many projects are underway to give a new impetus to this sector. Increased mobility, economic development, and improved living environments are at the heart of this ambitious project. For more information, see Québec.ca/RevitalisationEstMontreal (in French only).

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