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Please note that metro schedules are provided for your information and are  used to determine how long a trip will take. They cannot be used to develop an application for metro schedules, as they are used only to estimate the time needed to travel between two stations.

STM's GTFS data

Texte important

STM GTFS new features: Métro stations entrance points

STM is releasing métro entrance points in its GTFS feed.

Métro entrances are added to the stops.txt table.  Fields such as location_type and parent_station are added to this table.  The following objects (entrance and station) are now linked to the stops.


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Download our GTFS data -
In effect until October 29, 2017

Last update August 18, 2017 -
New schedules (Fall schedules) and Metro stations entrance points

The schedules will change in 2017 on the following dates:
January 9, March 27, June 19, August 28, October 30

The GTFS data are usually available 10 days before the schedule change .

GTFS previous period (from June 19 to August 27, 2017 )

Shapefile format for Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Bus lines (shapes.txt) and bus stops (stops.txt) in the GTFS are available in shapefile format for easier integration into GIS. Shapefile specifications are available here.
Files available in MTM NAD83 Zone 8.


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