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Did you know that..

When a construction site requires the use of explosives near the métro network, a procedure to check structural integrity is systematically initiated.
First of all, a seismograph records measurements taken inside the tunnels on a continuous basis. Then, after every detonation, inspectors specialized in structural engineering walk through to carefully inspect the tunnel walls.

Therefore, service interruptions lasting a few minutes are required for specialists to complete their work and to ensure the network’s longevity and overall safety.

Thankfully, these preventive measures usually take place off peak hours and are conducted over very short periods of time.

In fact, depending on the nature of the work being carried out, what is known as a “work advisory” can be applied. This advisory has the effect of reducing the speed of the train from 72 to 32 km/h near the station under construction.

Whenever the train receives the automatically generated message, a jolt, similar to the one felt when approaching a terminus, occurs when arriving at and departing from the affected station.

This advisory is used when workers have to carry out operations near the tracks or when temporary structures are built very close to the trains. Minimizing air displacement and the natural movement of the train ensures the stability of the equipment and the safety of all concerned.

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