Boutique STM

Boutique STM is full of products

There are all kinds, for all tastes… treat yourselves!

Beautiful gifts, to discover online.

Cushions, cups, earrings, phone cases or lunch bags in the colors of Montreal transit, if you are looking for a hostess or housewarming gift, you are in the right place.

Start your online shopping spree

Or come and visit the new store at 9494 Blvd. Saint-Laurent, #900, 9th floor.

The store is temporarily closed.


Small visit of the workshops

From one end to the other of the floor, the Boutique STM is busy making you happy...

Locally-made products! Not only are they the only authentic STM  products on the market, items for sale by Boutique STM are for the most part made in Canada, including some made right here in Montréal.

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