The STM suspends the maintenance union president for a second time

Press release

The STM suspends for 25 days the maintenance union president.

The Société de transport de Montréal (STM) has a zero tolerance policy regarding intimidation and verbal abuse of its employees. This policy applies to all STM employees, including STM maintenance union president Gleason Frenette. Further to sending Mr. Frenette written warnings and suspending him for 10 days last January, the STM has decided to suspend him for a second time, as it would do with any other employee under such circumstances.

The decision was made due to Mr. Frenette’s failure to uphold the commitments he made following his suspension in January 2020, when he was supposed to stop intimidating and verbally abusing employees. The suspension in January was for 10 days and this one will be for 25 days.

The STM recognizes the maintenance union president’s right to exercise his union activities in accordance with the collective agreement in effect and the existing frameworks. He has recourse to means other than intimidation and verbal abuse to express his point of view. The Act Respecting Occupational Health and Safety requires that the STM take all the necessary measures to safeguard the health and ensure the safety and integrity of all workers, including its managers.

Some (but not all) maintenance employees decided to walk out illegally following the most recent suspension. The walkouts are limited to a few workplaces and managers are speaking with employees about their return to work. Some employees have in fact agreed to return to work as of the publication of this release (2 p.m. on April 16). 

Following the walkout, the STM sent a formal notice to the union and will quickly appeal to the Tribunal administratif du travail.

The illegal walkout does not involve drivers and métro operators.

This should not affect the service offered to customers.