Wearing of face coverings in the STM network

Press release

On Wednesday, it was announced that hand sanitizer dispensers will be installed in métro stations. The STM is continuing to look into measures that could be implemented to protect customers and employees post lockdown. As it has been the case since the start of the crisis, the STM is following the recommendations of public health authorities, which are evolving along with the situation.

As public health authorities are now strongly recommending that face coverings be worn on public transit, the STM will be acquiring and distributing homemade masks, or face coverings, to employees. Each employee who puts in a request will be provided with two washable face masks, intended for use mainly on public transit. Wearing masks or face coverings will remain optional, but STM personnel are encouraged to lead by example when they take the bus or métro.

Details about mask distribution procedures will be communicated to employees once finalized.

Appropriate equipment for specific jobs
Some types of employees already wear protective equipment when the situation calls for it. Inspectors, incident commanders, cleaning workers and Transport adapté drivers all wear procedural masks. The handmade masks provided by the STM will not replace this specialized equipment.

For customers too

STM customers may also wear face coverings (scarves, handmade masks, etc.) when it is not possible to maintain a sufficient physical distance from others.

An additional measure

This is an additional precautionary measure for employees and customers to take in public spaces. It must be paired with other protective measures (physical distancing, coughing into the elbow, washing hands frequently, etc.). Anyone who is sick or showing symptoms must stay at home.