767 La Ronde / La Plage

Service to La Ronde and to Jean-Doré Beach 

Shuttle service to La Ronde and to the Jean-Doré Beach of the Notre-Dame island lake is now complete for the 2019 season. Service will resume on weekends starting for the opening of La Ronde!

Take Line 767 to enjoy the typical summer attractions of Montréal! Depending on the traffic, the shuttles perform two courses alternately on both Ste. Helen's island and Notre-Dame island.

From Jean-Drapeau métro station to La Ronde

This link between the Jean-Drapeau station and La Ronde runs along the edge of the water. You will be able to enjoy the view of Montréal while preparing for an exhilarating day!

From Jean-Drapeau métro station to the Jean-Doré beach

Do you want to bask on the beach? Take advantage of this route to discover other attractions along the way: the shuttle stops at the Jardin des Floralies and the Théâtre des îles!


This shuttle, whose departures are at a 15-minute interval at most, is in service two hours before the opening of La Ronde and ends two hours after closing. Note that there is no shuttle service to the Jean-Doré beach of Île Notre-Dame lake when it is closed.

For more information on opening hours, please visit the La Ronde websiteor the Plage Jean-Doré website.

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