769 La Ronde / Station Papineau

Service to La Ronde

Service of the line 769 La Ronde / Station Papineau is now complete for the 2019 season. Shuttle will resume on weekends starting May 9th for the opening of La Ronde!

Line 769 runs between Papineau station and La Ronde on Ste. Helen's island. Take the Jacques-Cartier bridge aboard the 769 to avoid traffic on the Yellow Line, while admiring the city during the day and the lightshow when the sun is down!


This shuttle, whose departures are at a 15-minute interval at most, is in service from two hours before the opening of La Ronde and ends two hours after closing.

The service ends at 7:30 PM when L'international des Feux Loto-Québec takes place (see the program).

For more information on opening hours, please visit the La Ronde website.

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