Safety in the métro

Adopt safe habits


For your safety, stand behind the yellow line.


In case of an incident, locate the emergency station on the platform, pull the red handle to cut power to the tracks and pick up the red telephone.


  • Carry your purse or backpack close to and in front of you, ensuring that all pockets are securely closed
  • Keep your phone, tablet, or laptop out of view whenever possible
  • Secure your luggage

To reduce service disruptions

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What to do in case of emergency in the MÉTRO STATION

In case of an incident or if you witness an incident

  1. Locate the emergency station. There is at least one on every métro platform, identified by special blue lighting.
  2. Pull the red handle to cut power to the tracks ONLY if someone has fallen onto the tracks
  3. Pick up the red phone.
  4. Follow the instructions of the Métro communication centre employee.


What to do in case of emergency inside a MÉTRO CAR

Use the INTERCOM in case of an incident or if you witness an incident

  • Use the intercom located in the middle of the carnear the doors.
  • The intercom allows you to speak with the train operator.
  • Once the incident has been reported, an STM employee will wait for you on the platform of the next station to help you or the other person in need of assistance.


Use the EMERGENCY BREAK for serious emergencies only

  • It is located in the middle of the car near the doors.
  • If possible, pull the emergency brake when the car is stopped at a station and the doors are open. The operator can then intervene more quickly and easily.
  • If the emergency brake is pulled while the train is moving, the train will generally stop in the station or at the next one.
  • The train operator will go to the car where the brake was pulled to assess the situation.

Travel support teams

In some of the busier métro stations, travel support teams are deployed during morning and evening rush hours. The teams, made up of STM employees and Montréal police officers, are there to help in the event of an incident and to ensure customers understand and obey the rules.

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