Good manners when using public transit

Behaviours in the process of desappearing

They are back!

You’ll recognize them by their behaviour in buses and the métro. Their behaviour dates back to when they hunted mammoths and lived in caves. Just who are we talking about? #Prehistoriques of course!

Discover our new campaign the #préhistoriques.

Riding together – Make it better

Riding together makes it better especially when you take your paper out with you, hold on to your cell phone to avoid dropping it, let others exit before entering and call for help in case of emergency.

Good manners when using public transit.

Boarding bus via all doors

Boarding through all doors is now allowed on articulated buses, at stops located at métro stations, under certain conditions.

For more information : Boarding through all doors.

Travelling with animals

Animals can ride free as long as certain conditions are met.

Advice for passengers that are travelling with animal.

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