Work underway at Berri-UQAM station

Project summary

By the end of the year 2020, the entire Berri-UQAM station will have literally changed face.

The Green line platforms are now universally accessible, with the addition of two elevators.

Duration of the work: Until fall 2020

Description of the work: Refurbishment of the station and installation of two elevators to the Green line

Métro impacts: No

Bus  impacts: No

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Did you know?

The refurbishment of the biggest métro station means:

  • 98,242 square feet of small round ceramic tiles installed
  • 4,700 lights changed
  • 2,649 ceiling tiles installed
  • 660 signage elements deployed
  • 3,000 linear feet of platform banners replaced

Impact on customer trips

Work inside the station does not have any direct impact on customer trips.

Impact on local residents

No impact.


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Berri-UQAM station in numbers

  • 31,269 square metres: surface area of the station, equivalent to five football fields
  • 600+ STM employees working inside the station
  • 28 escalators
  • 5 public elevators in operation, and 1 private
  • 625 steps (more than double the number of Saint-Joseph’s Oratory)
  • 6 levels with 2 others housing mechanical rooms
  • 6 platforms plus connecting tracks
  • 5 entrance buildings
  • 27.4 metres deep, from lowest platform to an exit (only Charlevoix station is deeper)
  • 13 shops inside the station
Texte important

The work must be carried out at night, squeezed into a two-and-a-half-hour shift so it does not interfere with métro service. This, plus the fact that the station has eight levels, explains the work's lengthy timeframe.

Additionally, Berri-UQAM is the busiest station in the system, with 12.1 million customers passing through its turnstiles each year.

  • Summer 2010 to fall 2011: We removed the wall finishes in most of the station's public areas and replaced them with temporary coverings until the permanent finishes could be installed.
  • Winter 2012 to summer 2012: We completed the removal of wall finishes and dismantled the decorative red columns that no longer met today's standards.
  • Early 2013: We refurbished the station's main electrical conduits, which led to the temporary shutdown of several escalators.
  • 2013: We renovated the Berri and Place Dupuis entrance buildings, replacing the structural slab, ceilings, lighting fixtures, floor coverings and granite stairs.
  • Fall 2013 to fall 2014: We replaced part of the waterproofing membrane under Berri Street. Although unseen by the general public, this work is required to protect the inside of the station.
  • 2015: We completed the refurbishment of the Yellow line area of the station, with refurbished wall finishes and floor coverings and improved lighting. We also worked on the tunnel ceiling and demolished and rebuilt the walkway over the tracks.
  • 2016: We refurbished the Saint-Denis entrance building, reconfigured a few corridors to the Orange and Green line platforms and refurbished the staircase between these two levels.
  • 2015 to 2017: We focused the station’s transformation on the Green and Orange lines. These areas of the station are now brighter, more welcoming and more user-friendly. Some areas have not been touched and will be finalized during the final phase of the work.

As the Green and Yellow lines were not built directly on top of each other in the volume of the station, it is impossible to extend the planned Green line elevators down to the Yellow line.

In addition, the Yellow line platforms are located 28 metres below street level, and installing elevators at that depth is a major technical challenge. A feasibility study is under way and the location of the future elevators has been selected out of a number of options examined. Also, an independent consultant has performed a geotechnical study to assess the quality of the rock, and another study is currently underway to determine the scope of the excavation work required. This is a delicate operation, and it requires careful planning.

As the Yellow line area of the station is restricted, it will be necessary to open the foundation walls and dig new elevator shafts outside of the current volume of the station. The selected excavation method must be carefully examined by our team of structural specialists.

Berri-UQAM will eventually have seven elevators allowing all customers to access its three métro lines.

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The project in images

Berri-UQAM station worksite

This work is made possible through funding from the Ministère des Transports du Québec.

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