Musicians in the metro

Musicians in the métro

The STM has more than 50 free locations on their network available to musicians.

These locations are indicated with wall plaques depicting a lyre.

Who can play in the metro? How to go about it?

Any musician or singer, whether amateur or professional, may perform in a site identified by a lyre, in the métro.

This stands as long as the performer complies with the regulations of the STM and behaves appropriately and respectfully with other clients of the network.

First come, first served. 

Sites identified by a lyre are free and available without reservation.

Therefore, musicians share the performance hours in the designated sites under a first-come first-served system.

Musicians wishing to perform on the STM network must comply with the By-law on the standards of safety and conduct to be observed by persons in the rolling stock and buildings operated by or for the Société de transport de Montréal (R-036) of the Act Respecting Public Transit Authorities.

Furthermore, we recommend the following behaviours are adopted to ensure performances are carried out smoothly:

  • Do not obstruct areas of high traffic.
  • Maintain a respectable level of sound.
  • Perform under the lyre sign plaque.
  • The sale of CDs, DVDs, etc. is strictly prohibited.
  • The use of designated spaces under lyre plaques for personal or corporate promotions is officially prohibited.
  • Connecting electrical equipment to the STM network is not authorized. Please obtain autonomous monitors if required.
  • Respect temporary closures of designated lyre spaces (based on STM events, days of exceptional traffic, etc.) and work zones.
  • Have a valid fare pass when the lyre is located in a pay zone (inside the turnstiles).
  • Follow the requests of STM employees at all times.
Lyres temporarily unavailable due to works or special events
Station Location Dates
At the top of the escalator
January to April 2020
At the bottom of the escalator
August to December 2019

*Dates are subject to change

Texte important

The STM "Étoiles du métro” program is taking a break...

The lyre “Étoiles” are becoming regular lyres.

Just like all the other lyres of the network, the lyres once reserved for “Étoiles” musicians, identified by a white plaque labelled "Les étoiles du métro", are now available to everyone.

They are now considered regular lyres, and therefore operate on a first-come, first-served basis.

For more information, please contact us at the following adress

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