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Corporate policies for Calls to tender, Contract management and code of ethics

Notice to suppliers: Soliciting STM employees in the workplace

The STM is always open to reviewing new business opportunities with its suppliers. However, we must remind you that soliciting STM employees directly, in the workplace, is strictly prohibited. Should you wish to inform us of a product or service, we ask that you proceed as follows: 

Please send a detailed business proposal to this email address: A member of the supply chain staff will review all received proposals and forward the information to the proper people in the company. You will be contacted only if there is a need for your product or service.

Your cooperation is appreciated.

Authorization to contract from the Autorité des Marchés Publics

The threshold for public service contracts and subcontracts for which all companies must obtain prior authorization to contract is $1 million. For construction contracts and subcontracts, the threshold is $5 million. The calculation of the applicable thresholds includes the amount
of the expenditure that would be incurred if all renewal options were exercised.

For more information, visit the AMP’s website.

List of public calls to tender and list of awarded contracts

Public calls to tenderCheck the STM’s list of public calls to tender for:

Texte important

A list of all contracts awarded by the STM is available (in French only) at

Séao - Système éectronique d'appel d'offres


Contracts of more than $2 000 that exceed $ 25 000 for a same supplier - 2017 (in French)

Contracts of more than $2 000 that exceed $ 25 000 for a same supplier - 2018 (in French)

Are you one of our suppliers?

The following information covers invoices and payment method.

With the exception of payments in foreign currency, payment is ensured by electronic transfer of funds to suppliers, who must first fill out the « Electronic transfer of funds form » to that end. This is the fastest, most reliable method of payment for both parties. For suppliers in the United States, payment is by cheque. For all other countries, international electronic transfers apply.


  • If discount is not offered by supplier, standard term for payment – 30 days net – will apply. 
  • Supplier cannot claim payment for any delivered goods or rendered services that were not specifically requested and authorized through an official STM purchase order.

IMPORTANT :  If applicable, and unless otherwise indicated in STM contract documents (public tenders, forward contracts, etc.), invoices must comply with these terms :

1. Format of invoice

Payment of any amounts due will be approved upon presentation of an invoice along with all supporting documents required by the STM. All invoices must clearly show:

  • Invoice number (each invoice has a distinct number);
  • Date of invoice;
  • Amounts billed (with and without taxes);
  • Applicable taxes (Québec sales tax (QST) and tax on goods and services (GST) shown separately;
  • QST and GST identification numbers;
  • Purchase order number: SEVEN (7) digits starting with ONE (1) (1XXXXXX) or the TEN (10) digit number starting with FORTY-FIVE (45) (45XXXXXXXX) previously supplier by STM;
  • STM code, manufacturer number, distributor number (if applicable) and a description of goods delivered and/or services rendered ;
  • Payment terms must be clearly indicated on all invoices. If supplier offer a discount, it must be granted for a minimum TEN (10) DAY period.

The STM reserves the right to reject any invoice that does not comply with the above requirements. Any invoice containing erroneous percentage rates and/or calculations can also be refused and returned to the supplier, for correction(s).  


2. Transmission of invoices  

You can send in your invoices by email (by indicating the contract/purchase order number in subject box) at this address:

That email address is EXCLUSIVELY for sending invoices and statements. No message included in the emails will be answered. Transmitting invoices by email must comply with the following conditions:

  • Invoice must be attached to email;
  • Each attachment must contain only one invoice, but one invoice may consist of several pages;
  • An email can have several attachments;
  • A supplier who sends an invoice or statement by email agrees to provide, upon request by the STM, the original paper invoice for a period of either SEVEN (7) years from invoice date, or THREE (3) years from termination of contract, whichever is later;
  • If your contract calls for your invoices to be emailed to a third party other than STM’s accounts payable, please comply with that directive instead;
  • Only invoices in PDF format will be accepted and processed;
  • No email will be sent out to confirm reception of your transmitted invoice. Moreover, if the contents of your email do not comply with the conditions above, invoices will not be processed and no email will be sent to inform you of this;
  • By sending an invoice to this email address, your company agrees to comply with all above-mentioned conditions.

If you have any questions about this, please call 514 350-0800 x 87427.

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