FAQ - new API Hub

Please use the following procedure to create your account on the new STM API Hub :

  1. Access to https://portail.developpeurs.stm.info/apihub
  2. Click on  « CREATE AN API HUB ACCOUNT »

  3. Fill-out only the first two fields with your email address and leave « Organization or Workspace » and « Organization Description » empty. Slide the button “Slide to confirm” to the right and click “SUBMIT”.

  4. A notification email titled “Activez votre compte du Portail Développeur / Activate your Portail  Développeur account” will be sent to your email address.

    Click on hyperlink to complete your registration.
  5. Fill-out all fields (name, surname, username, password, confirm password), read terms of use,  tick the box and click on “ACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT”.
  6. Connect on your new account with username and password previously chosen.

  1. Go to the Applications section on the left.
  2. Click on Add Application.
  3. Enter a Name, and a description if required.
  4. Add the API(s) you wish to use and accept the Terms & Conditions.
  5. Leave the Callback URL and Scope fields empty.
  6. Select "Plain text secret".
  7. Click "SAVE".
  8. To display your new API Key, click on "api key 1".

Each API is documented in two different ways:

  1. The Spec tab of each API includes the complete Swagger definition and all the information required to test the API online.
  2. The Documentation tab of each API contains a Wiki page with complementary information and instructions.

For security and capacity reasons, and to protect the integrity of our systems, each API is associated with its own Rate limit and daily quota profile. These profiles are applied globally, not per user.

If you reach the limit, you will receive a HTTP 429 error code with a "Rate limit exceeded" message. You will then need to reduce the rate of requests per second or wait until the next day before you can try again.

To access the GTFS - realtime
data and the API i3, connect
to the STM developer portal

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