Rules and regulations

Rules for transit fare use

  • No person shall travel or attempt to travel on the transit system without paying the appropriate fare as provided in By-law A.33.3 r.3
  • All users of transit services operated by or on behalf of the STM must, in accordance with the applicable fare and in the manner required, pay their fare either with cash or with a transit fare recognized as valid by the STM. After paying their transit fare, the user must retrieve the fare medium and keep it with him or her as proof of payment for the purposes in By-law A.33.3 r.3
  • No person shall unlawfully use a transit fare or fare medium.

Conduct in STM facilities

  • No person shall in any way delay the departure of the rolling stock or impede its movement, such as by preventing or delaying the closing of a door.
  • No person shall smoke, have lighted tobacco or another lighted substance in their possession.
  • No person shall use an electronic cigarette in such a manner that it emits vapour or smoke.
  • No unauthorized person shall consume alcohol or have an open alcoholic beverage in or on the premises or the rolling stock.
  • No person shall ride a bicycle, unicycle, tricycle or similar vehicle in a métro station or the rolling stock.


Any person who advises, encourages, or incites another person to do something that constitutes an offence under this By-law or who does or omits to do something to help another person commit an offence is party to the offence and subject to the same penalty as the offender, whether or not the offender is prosecuted or found guilty.

Act respecting public transit authorities

No person shall hinder an inspector in the performance of inspection duties or mislead an inspector through concealment or false statements.

Applicable by-laws

By-law R-036 (French only)
By-law prescribing standards of safety and conduct to be observed by passengers in the rolling stock and immovables operated by or for the Société de transport de Montréal.

By-law A.33.3 r.3 (French only)
By-law prescribing conditions regarding the possession and use of transit fares for public transit services in the metropolitan area.

See other by-laws

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