Ligne 5 - Bleue

Operating hours

Line 5 - Blue

Towards Snowdon Towards Saint-Michel
First Last First Last
Weekdays 05h32 00h47 05h42 00h57
Saturday 05h32 01h17 05h42 01h27
Sunday 05h32 00h47 05h42 00h57

After the last métro, you can use the night bus service.

Frequency of departures

Line 5 - Blue

From 7am to 9am and from 4pm to 6pm
Morning, day and evening (non-peak)
Week Every 3 to 6 minutes Every 4 to 10 minutes
Week-end Every 8 to 11 minutes

Estimated occupancy


  • Accès A rue Jean-Talon - 1737, rue Jean-Talon Est, H2E 1T3
  • Accès B rue Jean-Talon - 1480, rue Jean-Talon Est, H2E 1S7 (ce guichet de métro est fermé)

Neighbourhood map (PDF)

Texte important

Restoration of Jean-Noël Poliquin's work of art: The wall coverings of this station are being restored. The work will regain its magnificent colours once the work is completed, allowing us to ensure the integrity of our artistic heritage.

Around this station

How do I get to the special shuttle in case of a métro service interruption?

Four stops are available at this station and the signs are easily identifiable since they are of the color of the métro line they serves.

  • Pictogram special shuttle Blue lineWestbound towards Snowdon: Bus stop 51454, located on Jean-Talon, at the corner of Papineau.
  • Picto ligne bleue Westbound towards Snowdon: Bus stop 51435, located on Jean-Talon, at the corner of Fabre.
  • Picto ligne bleue Eastbound towards Saint-Michel: Bus stop 51436, located on Jean-Talon, at the corner of Fabre.
  • Picto ligne bleue Eastbound towards Saint-Michel: Bus stop 51453, located on Jean-Talon, at the corner of Papineau.

This shuttle is not free, the regular fare applies. 

It is also possible to check these stops on the neighbourhood map displayed at the entrances of our stations.

Special bus shuttle

Find out more about the station

IMPORTANT : you can use the other entrance to the station where a fare booth will always be open.

Equipment on site to meet your needs

Achetez votre titre à la distributrice automatique
Buy your fare or a new OPUS card (regular fare) at the automatic fare vending machine.
Utilisez ce téléphone pour parler à l'employé de l'entrée principale
Use the telephone identified by this symbol to speak with an employee at the main entrance.
Utilisez ce télépone en cas d'urgence
Use the telephone identified by this symbol only for safety concerns or in the event of an incident.

Number of bicycle stands available outside the station: 21.  First come, first served.

Before taking our public transit system with your bike, please read the Bicycles section for more info.

Stationnement de vélos

Architects: Bruno Bédard & Raimondo Averna.

Opened: June 1986.

Origin of name: rue Fabre, commemorating Mgr Édouard-Charles Fabre (1827-1896), third bishop (1876) and first archbishop (1886) of Montréal.

Did you know? This station replaced the ones planned for rue De Normanville and rue Cartier.

Artwork: wall treatment by Jean-Noël Poliquin.

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Mobile network available at this station

Bus transfers

Local 10 De Lorimier South North
Local 45 Papineau North South
Local 93 Jean-Talon West East
Local 95 Bélanger East West
All-night 359 Papineau North South
All-night 372 Jean-Talon West East
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