Ligne 1 - Verte Elevators available

Operating hours

Line 1 - Green

Towards Angrignon Towards Honoré-Beaugrand
First Last First Last
Weekdays 05h49 01h01 05h46 00h51
Saturday 05h49 01h31 05h46 01h21
Sunday 05h49 01h01 05h46 00h51

After the last métro, you can use the night bus service.

Frequency of departures

Line 1 - Green

From 7am to 9am and from 4pm to 6pm
Morning, day and evening (non-peak)
Week Every 3 to 5 minutes Every 3 to 8 minutes
Week-end Every 6 to 11 minutes

Estimated occupancy


  • Union Nord, 2021, av. Union
  • Robert-Bourassa (University), 2055, boulevard Robert-Bourassa
  • Union Sud, 1445, ave Union, angle boul. de Maisonneuve
  • 640, boul. de Maisonneuve Ouest
  • 690, boul. de Maisonneuve Ouest
  • 811, boul. de Maisonneuve Ouest
  • 705 de Maisonneuve Ouest - Elevator access

Neighbourhood map (PDF)

Around this station

Elevator access to the métro

Plan your trips around elevator accessibility across the network:

  • Orange line: possible connection with the Blue line at Jean-Talon and Snowdon métro stations, and with the Green line at Berri-UQAM and Lionel-Groulx métro stations.
  • Green line: possible connection with the Orange line at Berri-UQAM and Lionel-Groulx métro stations.
  • Blue line: possible connection with the Orange line at Jean-Talon and Snowdon métro stations.
  • Yellow line: no connection possible.
  • Berri-UQAM station: only the Orange and Green lines are accessible by elevator.

Visit the Elevator access to the métro page to find all accessible stations

You can check the status of elevator service at any time by going to elevator service updates.

When travelling, you can ask to be accompanied by an STM employee to cross the gap between the platform and the metro car.

How do I get to the special shuttle in case of a métro service interruption?

Use the Orange line

To get around downtown between the Berri-UQAM and Lionel-Groulx stations.

If Orange line is also disrupted, three stops are available at this station and the signs are easily identifiable since they are at the color of the métro line they serve.

  • Pictogram special shuttle green line Eastbound towards Honoré-Beaugrand: Bus stop 52498, located southwest side of Sainte-Catherine, at the corner of Robert-Bourassa.
  • Pictogram special shuttle green line Westbound towards Angrignon: Bus stop 52433, located on northeast side of De Maisonneuve, at the corner of Robert-Bourassa.
  • Pictogram special shuttle Yellow line Southbound towards Jean-Drapeau: Bus stop 52451, located on northwest side of Union, at the corner of De Maisonneuve.

This shuttle is not free, the regular fare applies. 

It is also possible to check these stops on the neighbourhood map displayed at the entrances of our stations.

Special bus service

Find out more about the station

  • Weekdays : noon to 7:00 p.m.
  • Saturday and Sunday : noon to 7:00 p.m.

IMPORTANT : The opening hours of the fare booths in the station will be ajusted and extended if an event leads to an increase in ridership.

Equipment on site to meet your needs

Achetez votre titre à la distributrice automatique
Buy your fare or a new OPUS card (regular fare) at the automatic fare vending machine.
Utilisez ce téléphone pour parler à l'employé de l'entrée principale
Use the telephone identified by this symbol to speak with an employee at the main entrance.
Utilisez ce télépone en cas d'urgence
Use the telephone identified by this symbol only for safety concerns or in the event of an incident.
  • Centre Eaton de Montréal
  • Maison des Coopérants
  • Place Montreal Trust
  • Place London Life
  • Promenade de la Cathédrale
  • Le Centre 2020 University
  • La Baie
  • Maison Simons
  • McGill University

Architects: Crevier, Lemieux, Mercier & Caron.

Opened: October 1966.

Origin of name: avenue McGill College, that leads directly to the university that was established in 1821 according to the wishes of James McGill (1744-1813), a successful merchant trading in furs.

Did you know? This station once housed a branch of the Montréal Public Libraries network.

Artworks: mural by Les Industries perdues, mural by Murray MacDonald, murals by Maurice Savoie and glassworks by Nicolas Sollogoub.

Discover the STM and its history

Mobile network is available at this station.

Bus transfers

Local 15 Sainte-Catherine West East
Local 24 Sherbrooke East West
Local 35 Griffintown East West
Local 61 Wellington East West
Local 125 Ontario West
Local 168 Cité-du-Havre North South
All-night 356 Lachine / YUL Aéroport / Des Sources East West
All-night 358 Sainte-Catherine East
Local 420 Express Notre-Dame-de-Grâce West East
Local 872 Île-des-Soeurs North South
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