Raising funds

Fund-raising activities

Soliciting money contributions is only allowed between the station entrance doors and the fare collection gate or booth, subject to provisions (article 16) set out in By-law R-036 - Prescribing standards of safety and conduct to be observed by passengers in the rolling stock and immovables operated by or on behalf of the Société de transport de Montréal:

  •   No person shall litter or adversely impact the cleanliness of the premises
  •   No person shall interfere with the work of STM employees
  •   No person shall obstruct the orderly movement of passengers
  •   No person shall jeopardize the safety of others
  •   No person shall conduct any business or commercial activities

In the event a person fails to comply with one of the above provisions, the STM reserves the right to require that said person leave the premises.

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