Corporate policy of universal accessibililty

The STM has adopted a corporate policy of  universal accessibililty.

It wishes to minimize barriers to the use of its transit system for all customers while continuing to offer a high-quality paratransit service.

Universal accessibility :

An accessible transit system promotes independence and contributes to the social inclusion of persons with one or more functional limitations.

Corporate policy

Universal accessibility touches upon all aspects of urban life and is open to everyone. All citizens are entitled to its benefits, at the same time and in the same manner. Universal accessibility promotes a similar use by all of the opportunities presented by infrastructure and public services. In practice, universal accessibility allows one to enter a building or public area, find one’s bearings and adequately make one’s way, as well as make full use of the services provided to the population, supported by appropriate communications and information tools.



In conducting its daily activities, the STM integrates those elements that promote and encourage universal accessibility in all areas of its operations, whether these involve infrastructure, vehicles or any other equipment and installations, as well as in the services it provides to the public, while respecting the resources at its disposal.


To ensure that all considerations regarding universal accessibility are included in all stages of the decision-making process, the STM adheres to the following principles:

  • Plan, design and implement all of its activities and disseminate its programs and services by ensuring that all applicable elements of universal accessibility are integrated in its processes, following achievable courses of action that respect the resources entrusted to STM;
  • Ensure that universal accessibility is a corporate concern shared by all employees;
  • Promote and develop any initiatives aimed at universal accessibility;
  • Be proactive in providing leadership and involving its partners in the development of universal accessibility as it relates to its role and mission, in a perspective of continuous improvement.
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