Buying large quantities of transit fares

Buying large quantities of transit fares

Interested in purchasing a batch of fares ? Planning a large-scale event in Montréal?

Make your choice, two options are available to organizations and businesses:

Bulk fare purchases

We can simplify the purchase of large quantities of fares for you at the regular rate so you can make it easier for your employees, students, customers or business partners to get around the city.

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Customized fares for business meetings and conventions

You are organizing a convention, business meeting, sports competition or other similar event with 300 participants or more and would like to offer them a sustainable solution to their transportation needs?

Write to and we will help you assess your requirements so that we may suggest transit fares that are best-suited to your needs.

Texte important

If participants to your event are from outside of Montréal, please refer to the Visitors page in the Advice for passengers section, as it holds more information to help them plan their transportation in Montréal.

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