Bus Rental Service

General conditions for reservations

Service temporarily suspended.

Due to a situation beyond our control, bookings for our bus rental service are temporarily closed. The service will be reinstated when the situation allows.

Availability for rental:

  • Weekdays: 09:30 to 14:30 and 18:30 to 05:00
  • Weekends and July-August: 24 / 7

Timeframe for reservations:

  • Minimum 10 business days for simple, point A to point B, rental contract
  • Minimum 15 business days for extensive contract involving several trips

Rates for standard bus:

  • Commercial: $210 / hour (+ taxes) with a minimum of 3 hours (consecutive)
  • Non-profit groups:  $182 / hour (+ taxes) with a minimum of 2 hours
  • Additional fees apply when buses are rented for night-time transportation

Bus passenger capacity:

 55 passengers (30 seated, 25 standing)

Area covered

Within a 100 km radius of Montréal (in Québec)

Rented buses cannot be used for travel…

  • To Montréal Trudeau Airport. Only 747 airport shuttle buses are authorized
  • To any neighbourhood and/or municipality where by-laws prohibit bus circulation
  • Along certain narrow streets and/or with hairpin bends 
  • Along any unpaved, non-rideable roads
  • To private parking lot (unless prior authorization is obtained from owner) 

Parking permit

  • If necessary, and at STM’s request, clients must reserve parking areas at their expense, particularly when no bus zone is designated at departure/destination location, to avoid blocking traffic. If no such area is available, client must contact municipality / borough to reserve a safe zone for parking bus. 
  • Parking zone required for parking a standard bus is 110 feet, equal to 5 car parking spaces.
  • Client must send digitized image (scan) of parking permit to STM bus rental office.

Private parking

Client must provide STM with: Written authorization allowing client to park bus in private parking area

Assigning operations supervisor

STM reserves the right to assign an operations supervisor, at client’s expense, to provide support to bus driver and ensure successful service. For example, coordinating large number  of passengers and buses, extensive shuttle trips, tight spaces, private land, presence of VIPs, night-time service, transportation to / from islands, etc

Cancellation clause

  • Client may cancel and/or request minor change, free of charge, if STM is notified before 13:00 the day before the event:
  • A minimum fee equal to 2 or 3 hours per bus is applied to any cancellation made after 13:00 the day before the event.
  • Cancellation fee equal to total cost of rental contract will apply should cancellation occur once driver is on site.

Rules of conduct aboard bus:

  • Smoking, alcohol and drug use are strictly prohibited 
  • No decorations or any hanging equipment or materials allowed
  • No music
  • Respectful conduct and noise level

Sign on the bus:

  • Client may place a sign in the designated holder located inside the bus, at bottom right corner of windshield
  • Allowable size: 21 in wide x 6 in high x 1/16 in thickness maximum
  • STM reserves the right to refuse any type of representation (initials, drawing) that may tarnish its corporate image


Once service has been delivered, STM’s accounting department will send invoice to client by email. A deposit is not required.

Cancellation of service by STM

In the event of force majeure (act of God) involving an emergency or operational situation beyond its control, STM reserves the right to cancel service at the last minute. 

To reach the rental office: 
Email address :  ctrlduparc@stm.info

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