Asset Management

Asset Management

This committee’s mandate is to study the needs, means and solutions to be applied so as to ensure strategic management in relation to:

  • the maintenance of the Société’s assets (operating equipment and systems, infrastructure and information technology)
  • the execution of major projects
  • the management of heritage, architecture and arts assets 

It makes all recommendations judged appropriate by its members to the board of directors.

Chair, members and participants of the committee

Georges Bourelle
Board member and committee chair

Francesco Miele
Board member and committee member

Laurence Parent
Board member and committee member

Philippe Schnobb
Chairman  of the Board and ex officio committee member

Clermont Gignac
External member

Élie Saheb
External member

Luc Tremblay

François Chamberland
Executive director – Ingénierie et Grands projets and committee coordinator

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