Completed major projects

Côte-Vertu métro train garage

Located 25 metres underground in the Saint-Laurent borough, the Côte-Vertu garage is an essential infrastructure for métro operations. The infrastructure will enable the STM to boost service on the Orange line by 25% during peak periods and support increased ridership due in part to the ongoing Blue line extension.

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 AZUR métro cars

Between 2016 and 2021, we commissioned 71 new trains for our métro network. The AZUR project was completed on time, with $500 million in savings compared to the initial budget of $2.5 billion. In 2019, the project was also a finalist for the prestigious PMI-International Project of the Year Award.

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Stinson bus garage

The Stinson bus garage was designed and built according to the highest standards of sustainability, which made it possible for it to obtain LEED Gold (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification from the Canada Green Building Council.

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A Sustainable Reclamation Plan for MR-63 cars

313 MR-63 métro cars have been recycled and seven finalist projects following the call for proposals launched in March 2016 to give a second life to the MR-63 métro cars,

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IBUS : your bus schedule in real time

Real-time information allows you to be better informed at all times. It’s great for checking how much time there is before the next bus leaves your bus stop. You get a better estimate of your bus’s departure time, and you can track its location in real time. Several information tools are now available, such as schedules on our mobile website, the Transit and Chrono apps, passenger information terminals and more.

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