Universal Accessibility priorities : Commissioning of elevators at Préfontaine station and revamped Universal Accessibility website section


The Société de transport de Montréal (STM) is continuing in its commitment to Universal Accessibility in its network with an 18th accessible métro station and a new easier-to-read website section on Universal Accessibility that provides trip-planning tools for customers with functional limitations.

Elevators at Préfontaine

On November 8, the STM will commission the three new elevators at Préfontaine station, on the Green line, making it the 18th station in the métro network to be part of the Universal Accessibility project.

The work began in September 2019 and required several stages to integrate the elevators, most notably the construction of a new entrance building. Other stages included building a mezzanine extension over the platforms and building and setting up new mechanical rooms.

Philippe Schnobb, chairman of the board of the STM, at Préfontaine station

Other Universal Accessibility worksites

There are currently 12 other Universal Accessibility worksites active in the métro network, at Angrignon, Jolicoeur, Place-des-Arts, McGill, Pie-IX, Viau, D’Iberville, Édouard-Montpetit, Outremont, Mont-Royal, Villa-Maria and Place-Saint-Henri stations. These improvements will benefit not only customers with motor impairments but also families with young children, elderly people and travellers.

The Accessibility program is made possible thanks to the additional funding announced by the federal and provincial governments to speed up Universal Accessibility work.

Revamped website section

The STM is also in the process of implementing a section of its website dedicated to Universal Accessibility. The section will provide enhanced information, allowing the STM to reach a broader range of customers who want to learn more about Universal Accessibility initiatives or how to get around more easily.

The restructured website section now includes four tabs: Universal Accessibility news (new elevators, etc.), Before leaving (planning trips), Bus travel (until transfer) and Métro travel (until transfer).

New: Desktop and mobile websites can now display information on departures of buses with two wheelchair spaces for customers. In 2018, the STM began purchasing buses with two spaces for wheelchair users. These buses now comprise 27.5% of the STM fleet.

Schedules for buses with a front ramp can also be viewed on desktop and mobile websites, as well as via other means of communication, including text message, iPhone and Android apps and passenger information terminals.