Encourage public transit use

OPUS & Cie

Companies joining the program agree to contribute financially to the purchase of OPUS & Cie subscriptions by their employees. In turn, the STM agrees to match that discount, up to a maximum of 10%.

Joining the program is win-win for everyone! 

More information about OPUS & Cie and register your company

Passeport mobilité (mobility passport)

Initiated by Voyagez futé, this mobility passport is a sustainable transportation product, designed and sold to real estate promoters with projects in Montréal’s central neighbourhoods.  This passport is then offered to their condo buyers as a welcome gift.

Each Passeport mobilité can be used over the course of one year and include one year of public transit use with the STM, a subscription to BIXI with a « Le Lièvre » package deal, as well as access to Communauto's Auto-mobile service.

The program offers a 10% discount to promoters when they purchase 12 monthly transit passes.

More information about Passeport mobilité

The Society in Motion symbol

This symbol and its message, “Merci de choisir le transport collectif,” is a strong sign of support. It demonstrates your agreement with the concept and underlines the link between public transit and sustainable development. It also serves as a constant reminder  that using public transit is a choice, a voluntary action, that has a direct impact on the quality of life in our city.

The STM will provide you with free stickers depicting this symbol that you can place on the door or front window of your business to display your support. Place your order at recompense@stm.info, indicating your name and postal address.

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