The STM and its users are on the right track when it comes to reducing métro service disruptions!


Following recent service disruption awareness campaigns, métro riders' efforts, combined with those of the STM, have contributed to a 17 % decrease in métro stoppages related to customers.

Since fall 2018, the STM has led two service disruption awareness campaigns on the theme “Let’s all do our part to reduce service disruptions.” These campaigns, along with efforts made by the STM, have had a positive impact.

During the first six months of 2019, there was a significant reduction in service disruptions of five minutes or more caused by customers due to:

  • Injured or sick passengers: -7%
  • Walking on the tracks: -45%
  • Holding back doors: -36%
  • Dropping items on the tracks: -17%

In total, about six hours, or 353 minutes, of service disruptions were avoided over the six-month period. This significant decrease had a direct impact on métro service quality.

Given these results, the STM would like to thank customers for their efforts through the third phase of the Michèle’s tips campaign.

Michèle says thank you!
In this new phase, which launches today and will be rolled out over the next four weeks, the STM will recognize customers’ efforts using humour and positive messages and encourage them to keep up the good work. After all, as one of the campaign messages tells us, “The STM and its clients are on the right track when it comes to reducing metro service disruptions”!

The messages will appear in the media and be broadcast as audio messages, displayed on posters and shared on social media. The STM will also hold a contest on its Facebook page (STM – Mouvement collectif). Creative customers will have a chance to think up their own puns involving métro station names, and the public will get to vote on their favourite ones each week. There will be tons of great prizes, including Boutique STM merchandise, as well as the grand prize, a year of free public transit.

The work continues
The STM is pleased with the results and would like to thank customers for doing their part. Meanwhile, it is keeping up its efforts to ensure reliable métro service, a key component of quality customer experience. This commitment involves implementing measures for Phase 1 of Mouvement orange, ramping up investment in underground infrastructure maintenance and renewal and, as of spring 2020, phased delivery of 17 additional AZUR trains for the Green line. In 2018, all service disruptions dropped by 9%, and this trend continued for the first six months of 2019, which saw a decrease of 18%.

Campaign visuals