The STM launches its “prehistorics” campaign: certain primitive behaviour no longer belongs in the métro and bus


The STM launches today a new humoristic campaign aiming to prevent clients from adopting "prehistoric" behaviours on the bus and métro.

Taking the bus and métro means sharing public space with strangers who have a common goal: get to their destination as fast as possible in a safe, pleasant environment. Some customers, however, behave in ways that no longer belong in 2019 and can affect service efficiency and travel, in addition to disrupting the experience of other customers. This is why today the STM is launching a new communication campaign, designed and created internally, that is aimed at teaching riders about the right way to behave in public transit.

Taking a resolutely light, funny angle, the “prehistorics” campaign presents a series of very real situations showing behaviours reminiscent of the time when primitive people hunted mammoths and lived in caves. The featured behaviours cause the most complaints and comments: removing backpacks, sharing the pole, letting people exit before entering, moving toward the back and turning down the volume.

Prehistorics in full view 

The messages will be visible in the bus and métro network, the Métro newspaper and on social media. Customers are invited to use the hashtag #préhistoriques to share their suggestions of habits that should be avoided while using public transit. We will add some of the most frequently identified behaviours to our illustrations of #préhistoriques and share them on the STM’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

Campaign visuals

Download the press kit with high-resolution visuals