Vendôme project : The STM announces that work reaches an important milestone


Journalists are invited to attend the procedure.

Montréal, April 18, 2019 — The Vendôme project, which involves the construction of a new entrance building at the métro station and a new pedestrian tunnel linking the entrance building to the train station and the McGill University Health Centre, will reach an important milestone over the weekend of April 19 with a tunnel sliding procedure being performed under the Canadian Pacific Railway right-of-way.

The procedure must be carried out over a long weekend to minimize the impact on exo train customers. It requires special excavation techniques due to the presence of the railway tracks, which makes the work more complex.

Précisons que c'est l’utilisation de cette méthode qui constitue une première au Canada.

The Société de transport de Montréal (STM) will perform the work using a sliding technique (in French called ripage par Autofonçage®, de Freyssinet) — a first in Canada. It is the use of this technique which is a first in Canada. The technique involves assembling a reinforced-concrete tunnel next to its future site and sliding it in once the tracks have been removed and the earth has been excavated. The advantage is that this will shorten the length of time that the tunnel’s installation site will be disturbed.

Initially, the work was supposed to be performed over long weekends in fall 2018, but, due to operational constraints related to the complexity of the manoeuvre, the schedule was pushed back until the first long weekend in spring. This will have a slight impact on the final schedule of the project,  which will be completed in fall 2020. This project is fully funded by the Ministère des Transports du Québec.

Photo and shooting session

Journalists are invited to attend the procedure. Maha Clour, project manager, will be on-site to explain the project’s challenges.

Date:                   Saturday, April 20, 2019
Time:                   2 p.m.
Location:             5100 De Maisonneuve West Boulevard

Interruptions and mitigation measures

This work will cause temporary service interruptions on certain exo lines. For more information:

For information :         Isabelle A. Tremblay
                                   Public Affairs STM