Universal accessibility : Pie-IX station worksite


On October 13, the Société de transport de Montréal will begin refurbishment and universal accessibility work at Pie-IX station.

The work will involve:

  • Expansion of the main and secondary entrance buildings
  • Installation of four elevators
  • Construction of a staircase in the secondary entrance building
  • General station refurbishment (replacement of waterproofing membrane, improved lighting, installation of new signage and addition of motorized butterfly doors)
  • Refurbishment of mechanical rooms
  • Addition of a natural ventilation shaft

Because of the scale of the worksite and the excavation work that will be required, the City of Montréal will also be using the site for municipal infrastructure work and refurbishment on Pierre-De Coubertin Avenue, with the STM acting as principal contractor. The City’s work will integrate the needs of the Pie-IX BRT. This will be the STM’s first multi-partner project since the passing of Bill 16 in December 2019.

The work will cost a total of $81 million and be completed in November 2023. Bus and métro service will be maintained at all times, though some bus stops will have to be relocated during the work.

The STM will hold a virtual public information session on September 22 for anyone who wants to know more about the project. For details, visit : stm.info/pie-ix

About Pie-IX station

  • Inaugurated in 1976
  • 5,221,983 boardings in 2019
  • 19th busiest station in the STM network
  • Served by six bus lines

Other universal accessibility worksites

The STM aims to have 41 universally accessible stations by 2025. Currently, 16 stations are equipped with elevators. Universal accessibility work is underway at 11 other stations: Angrignon, Jolicoeur, McGill, Place-des-Arts, Berri-UQAM (Green line), Préfontaine, Viau, Vendôme, Villa-Maria, Mont-Royal and Édouard-Montpetit.