STM among top 10 of Best 50 Corporate Citizens in Canada


Corporate Knights, a magazine focused on sustainability, has included again this year the STM in a select group of Canadian enterprises that stand out thanks to their exemplary responsible practices.

In a ranking released today, the STM is ranked tenth among the Best 50 Corporate Citizens in Canada. The STM is the only transit and ground transportation enterprise to make the list.

Eligibility criteria

To establish its Best 50 Corporate Citizens in Canada ranking, Corporate Knights analysed the sustainability and social responsibility performance of 332 Canadian corporations with revenues over $1 billion.

All were evaluated and compared to international industry peers on a set of 24 environmental, social and governance indicators. The best 50 were then retained. The STM scored first among international corporations of the transit and ground transportation sector.

The STM stands out for its clean revenues, thanks to the proportion of trips made on its metro and bus network using electricity. The STM also scores high under good governance, especially in terms of diversity on its Management Committee and Board of Directors.

Sustainability at the STM

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Photo credit : STM/ Patrick Bourque