Work: Snowdon station next in line for an upgrade


Starting December 4, the Société de transport de Montréal (STM) will have teams working at Snowdon métro station to upgrade and refurbish certain equipment and facilities. Once the work is completed, many of the improvements will have a positive impact on customers.

Continuing until December 2024, the $16 million project will involve:

Work in customer-accessible areas:

  • Refurbishment of three staircases
  • Replacement of floor tile sections
  • Refurbishment of lighting and addition of fixtures on the upper central platform
  • Refurbishment of gutters and the water pipe system
  • Installation of foot grilles to catch water and snow
  • Refurbishment of the spandrel above the stairs between the fare booth level and the upper platform
  • Landscaping on Dornal Street

Work in non-customer-accessible areas:

  • Refurbishment of a slab in an equipment room
  • Electromechanical work in some areas
  • Structural repairs and injections to seal cracks
  • Work on power supply equipment including upgrades

The station will remain open during the project. The work will have no impact on the bus stops, métro service or elevators at the station.

Network upgrades

To live up to customer expectations, the STM must continue to prioritize upgrading and developing its public transit networks. By 2030, 93% of the STM’s infrastructure will be more than 40 years into its useful life.

As such, the STM plans to spend $4.9 billion on upgrades to stationary métro equipment (escalators, ventilation, elevators, etc.) and other bus and métro infrastructure by 2033.

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