Good manners when using public transit

Transit etiquette

Good manners when using public transit.

Street harassment: stop it. Witnesses, take action.

Two out of three people say they have experienced street harassment in Montréal.* For both targets and witnesses, street harassment has an impact on quality of life in public spaces. The City of Montréal, the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) and the Société de transport de Montréal (STM) are working together to fight street harassment by sharing five simple, specific things witnesses can do that make all the difference to targets of street harassment.

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*Rapport de recherche sur le harcèlement de rue à Montréal. UQAM/CÉAF. Courcy, Isabelle, Lavoie Mongrain, Catherine, Blais, Mélissa (2022).

Boarding bus via all doors

Boarding through all doors is now allowed on articulated buses, at stops located at métro stations, under certain conditions.

For more information : Boarding through all doors.

Travelling with animals

As part of a new pilot project, dogs are allowed in the métro under certain conditions. Dogs will not be allowed on buses or paratransit vehicles.

Animals other than dogs must at all times be kept in a cage or closed carrier designed for that purpose.

Guide dogs and service dogs

All customers are allowed to be accompanied by a guide dog or service dog required for a disability. This applies at all times and in the whole network, including bus, métro and paratransit.

Click here for more information on riding with a dog on the métro.

Customers with functional limitations travel needs

Making travel easier for customers with functional limitations: that's society in motion.

Learn how making travel easier for customers with functional limitation.

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