Ventilation improvement testing

Ventilation improvement testing in the métro system

Aeraulic testing may be performed on several mechanical ventilation stations. The tests involve measuring the air displacement rate during the application of various emergency ventilation scenarios.

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When and where will the next tests take place?

During the night of May 10 to May 11, between Joliette and Pie-IX metro stations.

Questions and answers

You might hear a low humming noise, if your home is located near one of the ventilation stations.

For the tests to obtain conclusive results, the métro must not be operating, as the movement of the trains would displace the air and distort the data.

 Mechanical ventilation stations serve three essential purposes:

  • Comfort ventilation: Regulates the ambient temperature for transit users by exchanging air between the métro system and outside.
  • Night-time ventilation: Supplies fresh air for night workers carrying out routine maintenance.
  • Emergency ventilation: In the event of an incident, allows for smoke control so that transit users can evacuate safely by the nearest métro station and emergency first responders can access the site with no obstructions.

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