The STM continues its recruitment efforts this spring


The STM launches today a new phase of its recruitment campaign

After a major, well-received fall campaign designed to boost its employer visibility, enhance its appeal and attract applications, the STM is continuing its recruitment efforts this spring. This new phase, which is being rolled out this week, pursues the same goals but specifically targets job sectors deemed more critical. The sectors are divided into five main categories: heavy vehicle mechanics, industrial electronics technicians, engineering, information technologies and operations management.

Held from October 22 to December 9, 2018, the previous campaign collected close to 15,000 applications, including 4,249 qualified candidates, of which several hundred are - or have been - in the selection process. Several candidates in sectors deemed critical were hired.

The messages and tools promoted also helped improve the public’s perception of the STM as an employer, as demonstrated by the results of a study conducted on an external panel of 1,000 respondents. The STM ranked first among companies spontaneously mentioned as employers of choice on the Island of Montréal, and it is the company that people think of most often when it comes to recruitment. We are also closely monitoring the interest that people express in working for the STM, an indicator also on the rise after the fall campaign.

These results show a sizeable response to the messages delivered and helped inform the STM’s thinking, leading to more targeted messages for its spring campaign. Building on the visibility gained during the campaigns, the STM must continue its efforts to highlight the various possible careers within the company and attract more operational support candidates, who are more difficult to recruit. The campaign will involve television, Web and digital media placements, posters in the bus and métro network and social media posts. The content will aim to raise awareness of jobs available in the targeted sectors by emphasizing the STM’s unique work environment. An event intended for engineering professionals will highlight the challenges that stimulate today’s teams and the projects that will shape the transportation of tomorrow.

The microsite, which recorded over 100,000 visits during the first phase, will be online for the duration of the campaign to simplify the application process for the targeted sectors.

Since spring is associated with renewal and change, the STM invites interested candidates to swing into action and take up the challenge with us!

Campaign visuals