“Prehistorics” campaign back this winter


The "Prehistorics" campaign is back this winter.

After a great first run in spring 2019, the very popular “préhistoriques” campaign will be back this winter in the STM’s bus and métro networks.

Customers enjoyed the first edition of the campaign in the spring, particularly for its tone, originality and relevance. Most of them said that the campaign would influence their behaviour in a good way aboard public transit. This more-than positive feedback encouraged the STM to continue the work it started and launch a new phase for the campaign. 

Taking a resolutely light and funny angle, the STM’s new phase will continue to encourage customers to avoid behaviour that no longer has its place in 2020 and, in addition to having an impact on the experience of other customers, may also negatively affect service and trips. The campaign presents a series of very real situations showing behaviours reminiscent of the time when primitive people hunted mammoths and lived in caves.

The behaviours featured in the campaign are the ones that cause the most complaints and comments from transit users: removing backpacks, sharing the pole, letting people exit before entering, moving toward the back and turning down the volume. The new phase of the campaign will feature three additional messages suggested by customers:  giving up seats, getting a little too comfortable and waiting in lines.

Customers are invited to continue using the hashtag #préhistoriques to share their sightings of primitive behaviour that should be avoided on public transit.

The campaign in images

Download the visuals in high-resolution